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On workplace injuries and workers' comp

Everyone likes to think that their job won't lead to serious injuries or even death. However, there are situations that can arise where repetitive stress or a workplace accident could lead to injuries that dramatically alter the life of a worker. These injuries can happen in any industry, though they are more common in more dangerous, high-risk industries.

When health care workers have to focus on their own health...

Historically, health care workers are noble and altruistic, and their patients come first. As a health care worker, would you like to get back to those times when doctors, nurses, aides and more could focus on healing or improving the health of their patients without fearing for their own safety? Sadly, with changing times, new laws are being passed to keep health care workers safe.

California refinery investigated after workplace injuries

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board recently released a report that is the product of an investigation reaching back several years. The Tesoro refinery in California received a critical analysis of its safety procedures following a series of workplace injuries that prompted the investigation. Tesoro spokespeople deny the allegations and insist they are committed to the safety of their employees.

Injured on the job? Protect your rights with our help.

When an accident happens at work, people often mistakenly assume that they have no legal options because their injuries may seem relatively minor. In reality, workers' compensation benefits are designed for any worker who has been injured on the job, even if that injury is not considered to be serious. Even minor injuries can cause lingering pain and necessitate expensive medical treatment. 

Lack of acclimation reason for heat-related workplace injuries

It is shaping up to be another hot summer in California. This means it is more important than ever for employers to be up-to-date on heat safety regulations and procedures. Reports from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicate that one of the leading reasons for heat-related workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities is a lack of acclimation process for workers. 

Preventing workplace injuries related to heat exposure

As temperature rise in California, it is more important than ever for employers and managers to help workers avoid illnesses related to heat exposure. This week, temperatures are expected to soar in many areas of the state. While this is normal for summer, it means that people who are employed in jobs that require them to be outdoors are exposed to a higher risk of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Common workplace injuries to California employees

No matter the type of workplace where you are employed, there is always the risk that you could suffer an injury at any point. Whether it is a work-related illness, injury from a slip-and-fall accident at the office or other type of incident, it is important to know your rights in these circumstances. Workplace injuries of all types are grounds for workers' compensation benefits in California, and we can help you claim the support you need.

Do workplace injuries qualify you for workers' comp benefits?

Work accidents happen all the time, but many workers do not seek benefits for fear of retaliation from an employer, uncertainty about the claims process or simply a lack of understanding of their rights. As a result, there are employees suffering from workplace injuries who never get the support and care that they need. Every California worker, regardless of the severity of the injury or his or her employment position, has the right to a full and fair recovery.

We can help if a work injury exacerbates a pre-existing condition

There are many reasons why an employer may dispute a workers' compensation claim. One of the most common tactics used is claiming that a valid work injury is actually a pre-existing condition. Contrary to what many California workers know, many pre-existing conditions are actually covered by workers' compensation benefits in some cases. 

Protection against heat-realted workplace injuries

As spring is full force in California, temperatures continue to rise, and outdoor workers are again at risk of suffering the negative impacts that heat can have on physical safety. At this time of year, it is up to employers to educate workers on how to stay safe while working in the heat and prevent heat-related workplace injuries. With safety training and awareness, workers can avoid certain illnesses and physical harm.

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