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California man injured on the job while using forklift

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2014 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Taking care when operating machinery should always be top priority for those in the industrial industry. If a malfunction occurs or equipment is used in an inappropriate manner, a serious accident could take place and an employee could be injured on the job. When injuries are suffered in a workplace accident, an employee may have to take time off work to recover.

An industrial worker in California may be taking time away from his position after suffering serious injuries while on the job. Reports indicate that the 61-year-old worker was operating a forklift when the machine presumably overturned. It was mentioned that the forklift “went over a hill” and the worker had to be rescued.

The worker apparently did suffer serious injuries and was taken by air to a hospital for treatment. It is unclear at this time what the current condition of the worker may be. It was not noted whether there was any speculation as to what could have led to the accident taking place.

Because the worker was seriously injured on the job, considerable setbacks could be waiting in his near future. If he must take time off work to recover, he could face financial burdens due to lost wages as well as accumulated medical bills associated with treatment of the accident injuries. Because the accident took place while the man was working, workers’ compensation could possibly assist with his financial concerns. California laws concerning entitlement to workers’ compensation could supply information on when receipt of compensation could be applicable.

Source:, Redway man injured in industrial accident, No author, Jan. 25, 2014


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