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Workers injured on the job in explosion

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Two California workers have been injured on the job after an explosion at a hazardous-waste disposal facility. This is the second explosion at the facility; in the first, one worker was injured on the job. Following the first explosion, the facility received a citation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Of the two workers injured in the most recent explosion, one was seriously injured and the other was hurt. Both workers were sent to the hospital for medical treatment. The injuries were incurred after the blast ignited a cabinet containing flammable liquids.

Fire department workers deemed the explosion and subsequent fire to be minor, but there is no indication what ignited the explosion except that it was related to ether. No other workers were injured in the incident, but all other employees were evacuated from the California facility. It is not yet clear if the two explosions are related or if the biotech company will face legal repercussions for unsafe working conditions. While explosions at these facilities are not uncommon, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment.

The two workers who have been injured will likely face medical bills and expenses from the injuries that were sustained. It may be possible that these workers could seek workers’ compensation for their pain and suffering. Any time a worker is injured on the job, the employee has the right to seek compensation by filing such a workers’ compensation claim for benefits to help keep them financially afloat while unable to work.

Source: FiercePharma Manufacturing, Amgen facility has its second explosion in 9 months, Eric Palmer, Jan. 9, 2014


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