Some industries and occupations are more dangerous than others. Although some in California may not immediately list it among the most dangerous, welding can certainly be a risky occupation. Following a recent explosion at a Corona tanker truck company that may have taken place at the time of a truck welding project, a 50-year-old man has lost his life and another man suffered a serious work injury that has him in the hospital listed in critical condition.

At this time, the exact cause for the explosion is uncertain. However, it has been reported that several employees were welding one of the trucks in the shop. Those who heard the explosion told representatives with the fire department that it sounded similar to a car accident.

The company was immediately evacuated. Although the company is in a residential area, none of the homes in the vicinity needed to be evacuated. It was reported that Cal/OSHA will be conducting an investigation into the cause of the explosion. The agency will also be identifying whether there were any violations regarding workplace safety.

When a workplace accident results in a work injury, the injured individual may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits under California law. When an accident in the workplace results in a fatality, the loved ones of the deceased individual may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits. These benefits may be able to assist with medical costs and at-home expenses until an employee can get back to work, or may help families with funeral costs and future financial expenses.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “One person killed, one hospitalized after explosion in Corona“, Alicia Banks, May 6, 2014