Any type of construction work is dangerous, especially when it is on California roads. When people are injured on the job, they generally have rights to workers’ compensation benefits, especially if the injury will keep them from being able to work for a period of time following the incident. This is something that a few workers who were recently injured on the job will want to keep in mind as they try to recover from the injuries suffered.

Three road workers were recently injured while on the job. The injuries are a result of an unfortunate accident involving a piece of lumber and a semi-truck. The workers were all on site for the Fix 50 project in California.

Reportedly, one of the crew members was venturing toward the guard rail where he was planning to place a beam. Unfortunately, the beam was struck by a passing semi-truck after it shifted above and over the retaining wall. When the truck struck the beam, it broke into pieces. The impact sent the pieces soaring through the air, and they ended up striking three other workers.

One of the three crew members suffered head trauma and had to be airlifted to the hospital. It was unknown how severely injured the other two workers are. However, it was reported that one of them had to go to a nearby clinic. Another worker was able to be treated there at the work site.

As mentioned, one of the workers suffered head trauma. The extent of his injury is unclear, but brain injuries can be quite serious and can often result in necessary time off from work. He and the other workers who were injured on the job will likely be interested in learning of their entitlement to workers’ compensation here in California. Injured workers have the right to receive full, fair and swift workers’ compensation benefits.

Source: CBS Sacramento, “Semi Truck Accident Injures 3 Workers In Fix 50 Area“, , April 23, 2014