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High temperatures could lead to work injury in California

| May 2, 2014 | Workplace Injuries |

The incoming beautiful and warm California weather can mean that more people will be outdoors enjoying their spring time activities. However, it also means that high temperatures can pose a safety hazard for individuals who work outdoors. Working in high temperatures can easily result in a work injury, and it is best for employers to take proper steps to protect their workers.

Employers should ensure that all workers have received the proper training for working in the heat and recognizing signs of heat-related illnesses and injuries. It is also important to have a plan of action that can be put into effect if a worker does show signs of illness or injury. Workers should also be provided with fresh water to drink on a regular basis and plenty of shaded areas where they can take breaks.

Working in high temperatures can especially pose a risk to new workers. Therefore, all workers should be acclimated to the situation so they can become used to adjusting their work pace to accommodate for the temperature and necessary breaks. If a worker is required to perform too many duties too quickly or for long periods of time, heat-related illness and injury can quickly take place.

Preparation is the best way to combat a work injury or illness. However, accidents can happen at any moment, and if a worker does become injured or ill, they could face significant hardships dealing with time away from work or other issues as they recover. During such times, workers’ compensation could be beneficial in helping to fill the gaps of missed pay as well as assisting with payment of accumulated medical bills. Information on such benefits in California could help concerned individuals who have been hurt on the job determine if they could potentially qualify.

Source:, “State issues first high heat advisory of 2014”, , April 30, 2014


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