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Man injured on the job after power line shock

On Behalf of | May 4, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

This may not come as a shocker to individuals in California, but even the most experienced worker may end up being injured while working due to a variety of circumstances. One person in another state recently was injured on the job after having a run-in with an electrical line. In this case, both the employee and his family may be fearful for the man’s physical well-being, as well as for the family finances while he is unable to work.

The man was working near a power plant and ended up being shocked by the transmission line while working from a bucket attached to a truck. The line was not energized. However, they did have a large amount of static electricity. When the man touched the line, the electricity discharged.

He suffered injuries as a result of the accident, which occurred in Alaska. Emergency responders used all-terrain automobiles to get to the accident site and take him back to the nearby plant. A helicopter took him to a hospital in Anchorage. In addition to causing burns, the accident may have resulted in heart problems and internal injuries, so the man is being monitored.

Getting the medical care and attention that a person needs after being injured on the job is essential for helping the employee to heal. In addition, the individual would benefit from money to cover regular expenses so that his or her chief focus is on getting better. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits serve this purpose, and companies in California are required to buy this insurance for the benefit of their workers. An injured worker has ever right to seek the maximum amount of benefits available under this state-regulated program.

Source:, “Worker Injured in Shock Incident near Eklutna Power Plant”, Chris Klint, April 30, 2014


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