California is one of the leading states for dairy production, which means that it is not uncommon for people to be injured on the job while working on dairy farms. The dairy industry has seen an increase in production across the country and, consequently, it is more important than ever that farmers be provided with safe working environments. Even after a worker is injured on the job, it may be difficult for safety investigators to determine how an accident occurred.

There are many ways that potential accidents can happen on California dairy farms. With increased demand, it is possible that workers are encouraged to work quickly, possibly taking safety risks. It is always a potential hazard when a person works around an unpredictable animal, such as a cow. The dairy industry also poses risks to workers as they navigate heavy equipment and face the potential of being trapped by heavy machinery.

How can California farms make these work environments safer? One of the keys to decreasing work accidents is to properly train workers before allowing them to operate heavy equipment and machinery. Generally, dairy-farming is not considered a “dangerous” job, but there are certain risks. In fact, there have been 34 reported deaths on dairy farms during the time period of 2007-2012.

Dairy farming is an important part of the American economy, but farm owners and operators should always take the proper precautions to prevent unnecessary accidents. When a worker is injured on the job, workers’ compensation may cover the cost of any medical treatment needed or lost wages. As the dairy industry grows, it is more important than ever to have strict safety standards on farms.

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