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Several workers injured while working on construction sites

| Jun 14, 2014 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Cal/OSHA (a state department overseeing workplace environment safety) has initiated an investigation after several construction workers were fatally injured on the job. Several of these accidents took place in the San Francisco area. The sequence of accidents left four people dead in a span of four days. The number of those fatally injured while working in California has led Cal/OSHA to investigate the safety of these construction sites.

Cal/OSHA has sent investigators to various construction sites to determine if these sites are complying with the safety standards of the industry. Construction sites pose a certain risk for workers because of the sheer number of hazards on any given site. It is vitally important for workers to be aware of safety hazards and to properly train workers to be aware of safety standards.

Several of these fatal accidents in California are related to workers falling from heights. While all of these recent falls are under investigation by Cal/OSHA, it is possible that they were related to a lack of safety. Construction workers should be outfitted with types of harnesses and drop offs should be outfitted with railings to prevent falls. Cal/OSHA inspectors actually have the authority to stop work at construction sites if it is found that supervisors are not adhering to safety standards.

The number of those injured while working because of falls from various heights is a remarkably high amount. It is believed that falls are the leading cause of work-related injuries in the state. While workers’ compensation exists for the benefit of workers, all construction employees should have a certain expectation of safety while on the job. Those who are injured through no fault of their own can file for workers’ compensation benefits in order to help cover lost wages and certain related expenses.

Source:, “Cal/OSHA takes action following spate of construction fatalities“, , June 11, 2014


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