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2 workers injured while working, 1 worker dies

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2014 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

At a construction site, crews need to ensure that the structures they build are stable and will not collapse unexpectedly. This will help to avoid the possibility of construction workers being seriously injured while working. It can even avoid a possible death resulting from an accident in California or elsewhere. Unfortunately, this may not have been done at one site where a recent construction accident occurred.

The incident happened when a beam somehow fell at a construction site. The beam ended up landing on three workers, causing one man to die while injuring two others. The authorities were summoned to the construction site at approximately 8 a.m. Apparently, when the operator of a crane had taken the weight off a connector, it caused the connector to collapse.

The three affected workers were quickly transported to a nearby medical facility. However, medical staff pronounced one of the men dead upon arrival. Both of the surviving workers were receiving treatment from hospital staff at the time of this report. One of the hospitalized workers was reportedly in critical condition.

Operations at the construction site were halted in order to allow authorities to continue their investigation into what may have caused the construction accident. However, despite what may have contributed to such incidents, those injured while working in California or any other state may be able to file for benefits via workers’ compensation. Also, the loved ones of those who have died in a work accident may be able to obtain death benefits, which can help pay for funeral costs and other expenses related to a fatal accident at work.

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