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Worker injured on the job, California company cited

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

When workplace duties pose hazards to workers, it is important that those hazards are addressed and that precautions are taken to lessen the likelihood of injuries. If an accident does occur, a worker could become injured on the job, and as a result, that individual may need medical treatment and time away from work. If it is found that the company did not have the proper safety measures in place, fines and citations for the accident and injuries could be filed.

An industrial service company in California was recently cited after an investigation into a fire at their facility. The situation took place when a worker was working with flammable materials inside a steel tank. A halogen light presumably also in the tank caused a flash fire to occur. The worker survived the incident, but he was also seriously burned.

The company was cited for using a light that was not authorized, improper ventilation, not having the proper permits to work in the confined space and other infractions. It was also noted that the workers were not properly trained to work inside the space. At this time, it was estimated that the fines will reach a total of approximately $82,000

The worker involved in this case was lucky to have survived even though he was injured on the job. It is possible that he qualified for workers’ compensation to help pay for medical bills and other expenses associated with the accident and his injuries. Parties in California who have suffered a workplace injury may also wish to determine whether workers’ compensation could be suited for their situation.

Source:, “California company cited following confined space fire“, , July 8, 2014


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