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Workers’ compensation may be needed for California contractor

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Many families rely on income earned through manual labor as a contractor. When a bread-winner suffers an injury or death while on a job, workers’ compensation may be necessary to help provide lost income and accrued expenses for the family. Business operators for a California renovation company were recently ordered to appear in court after being charged for lacking workers’ compensation coverage and for insurance fraud following an accident on their property.

The renovation company purchases homes, performs remodeling work and then resells the property. On one of the projects, the firm hired landscapers to complete yard and tree work. One of the contractors was trimming a 60 foot tree when a large branch dislodged and fell directly on top of him. The impact of the branch crushed the victim’s skull and killed him.

During the trial, the courts determined that the owner of the renovation business could not be held liable for the original felony safety charge due to a lack of evidence. However the Occupational Safety and Health Administration filed a safety violation against the firm after reviewing the accident. The owner of the business and his colleagues will be reviewed by the courts for misdemeanor and felony charges of fraud.  

A California family that has lost a loved one from an on the job accident may choose to pursue an appeal in the event they are not provided rightful workers’ compensation. An employer that does not have insurance may place a hurt worker’s family in a very difficult situation. Some people may choose to obtain help from a professional in an attempt to collect compensation from the employer deemed responsible for the insurance coverage.

Source:, “Trial ordered in tree trimmer’s death“, , Sept. 12, 2014


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