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October 2014 Archives

OSHA's Ebola guidelines aim to prevent being injured on the job

Proper infectious disease control training can make the difference between a healthcare worker being injured and the job or remaining healthy. In the event staff is injured on the job through contracting a disease, their employer's compensation insurance may be required to provide care benefits to ensure their health. The California Occupational Safety and Health Organization recently issued a series of guidelines for healthcare workers in response to the potential of an Ebola case presenting itself in a local hospital.

Forklift driver seriously injured on the job

Working in an industrial environment in California can often require the use of forklifts and other mechanics to complete tasks and travel around expansive warehouse areas. When machinery is not properly maintained or cared for or a company fails to train staff, employees can be injured on the job. A young man remains in critical condition after being seriously injured in a recent workplace accident.

Woman dies in on-the-job injury at trucking company

Trucking is an important industry for the United States economy. This is how many products eventually reach the marketplace in order to fulfill needs of consumers in California as well as every other state. However, this industry also comes with various inherent dangers that could cause an on-the-job injury.

Workers' compensation can help a mourning family

When a workplace accident, occurs it can take a significant amount of time before authorities and safety agencies complete an investigation and publish the results. In the meantime, those who suffered an on-the-job injury in California or any other state may still be able to obtain relief by filing for benefits through workers' compensation. This also applies to the family of those killed in a workplace accident. One family may be considering this option as they are awaiting more details to be released regarding a recent fatal construction accident.

California men rescued before being injured while working

Window washing can require workers to complete their duties at dangerous heights, increasing their risk of being injured while working if safety precautions are not followed. When an employee is injured while working at heights, they can suffer serious harm or fatality. A recent rescue of two window washers has prompted a formal investigation by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Risk of fatal workplace injuries for factory workers

Factories help produce consumer and industry goods that are important for the national economy. However, workers in factories are regularly at risk due to the heavy machinery they work with on a daily basis, in California and across the country. This type of environment opens up the risk of potential workplace injuries occurring. In the worst case scenario, an accident at a factory can result in death.

Family may look into workers' compensation after California death

Many deaths take place every year due to work-related accidents. However, each death is equally unfortunate, and in some cases, a death may potentially have been preventable. Either way, a family who has lost a loved one while the victim was on the job could potentially face financial difficulties. As a result, exploring workers' compensation benefits may be a prudent step.

Workers' compensation death benefits can help families cope

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the death, it can be extremely overwhelming when you have to deal with the loss of a loved one. When a loved one dies, there is much more to coping with the death than grieving. For some, there is financial turmoil in addition to the emotional turmoil. Luckily, this is where workers' compensation death benefits in California can come in handy.

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