What death benefits are available through workers’ compensation?

| Jan 8, 2015 | Workers' Compensation

When a California worker dies as a result of a work accident, certain death benefits are available through workers’ compensation insurance. The family of the deceased can take certain steps to claim what is rightfully theirs, but it may be useful to have assistance when filing a claim. Under California law, workers’ compensation death benefits should be granted to anyone who dies as the result of a work injury or illness contracted because of work conditions. 

Death benefits should include a reasonable amount of burial costs. The total amount of death benefits available to a family is largely dependant on the details of an individual situation. A California family may seek a case evaluation in order to better understand how much recompense they could receive based on the work accident that claimed the life of their loved one. 

If a deceased worker leaves behind one or more dependant minors, the amount of compensation could be increased. It is possible that death benefits could be paid up until the minor turns 18 years old. Death benefits may also include lost future earnings. Families have a limited amount of time to collect death benefits, making it essential to act quickly after a work accident. 

Death benefits cannot reverse the suffering of a family, but they can help alleviate the financial strain that comes with an unexpected death. Every worker has the right to know what is covered through workers’ compensation benefits, including benefits in case of accidental death. Because each case is unique, it is beneficial to have a knowledgeable third party to evaluate the case and determine how to proceed.

Source: dir.ca.gov, “Workers’ Compensation Benefits“, Jan. 7, 2015


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