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Injured on the job? Know your rights as a California worker.

If you suffered an injury at work, you may know how difficult it can be to secure financial help after an accident. The workers' compensation system is complex and can be overwhelming for an individual who has never experienced a work accident before. California workers who have been injured on the job can seek support and assistance from a legal ally knowledgeable in filing and pursuing workers' compensation claims. 

Tree trimmer rescued after safety harness causes work injury

Trimming trees can be a hazardous occupation, and it is vital for tree trimmers to be protected from fall accidents by proper fall protection gear. A California worker recently suffered a work injury and escaped death when his safety harness saved him from falling. San Diego fire fighters ultimately lowered the tree trimmer who was hanging from a palm tree 35 feet above the ground.

Workplace accidents: Worker killed while replacing guardrails

Construction workers who work along busy California roads are constantly exposed to an array of safety hazards. In many cases of workplace accidents in construction zones, workers are injured or even killed by motorists, but it is not uncommon for construction vehicles on site to cause injuries or deaths to other workers. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating a fatal accident in a construction zone in another state.

Cutting live electric cable causes workplace injuries to 2

Whenever work is done on electricity cables, workers are at risk -- regardless of the number of years of experience they have in this type of work. Many workplace injuries in California occur because company owners fail to provide proper training and disregard safety regulations prescribed by authorities. In some cases, lockout/tagout regulations are not observed in the workplace. After an electric accident in another state, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration may launch an investigation to determine whether safety violations caused the injuries of three workers.

Preventing workplace injuries by protecting workers from heat

As the seasons change and it begins to get hotter in California, Cal/OSHA has released new regulations regarding protecting workers from the heat. Heat-related illnesses can cause serious physical effects, even resulting in hospitalization or death. These stricter regulations reflect the importance of protecting workers from heat-related workplace injuries

Workers' compensation could assist injured prison guards

Certain types of employment are inherently more dangerous than others, and working as a prison guard certainly ranks among the more dangerous of California occupations. Guards are asked to work within a complex environment, and one that contains individuals who have already proven themselves to be a danger to society. When a workplace injury occurs at a prison or jail, the workers and their families often rely on workers' compensation to assist with the financial aspects of the injury.

Exotic dancer suffers workplace injuries, appeals ruling

When an individual is injured while on the job, one of the first steps toward determining if workers' compensation is available is evaluating whether the worker can be considered an employee. In many cases, classification as an employee is simple. However, there are a wide range of occupations in California and elsewhere in which a worker a grey area exists over whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor. An example is found in the case of a woman who received workplace injuries after a gun was fired in the gentleman's club where she worked as a performer.

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