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Cutting live electric cable causes workplace injuries to 2

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

Whenever work is done on electricity cables, workers are at risk — regardless of the number of years of experience they have in this type of work. Many workplace injuries in California occur because company owners fail to provide proper training and disregard safety regulations prescribed by authorities. In some cases, lockout/tagout regulations are not observed in the workplace. After an electric accident in another state, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration may launch an investigation to determine whether safety violations caused the injuries of three workers.

The workplace accident reportedly occurred on a recent Monday morning during the construction of an expansion to a mall in another state. According to an accident report by the police, two workers were cutting electric cables underneath an upper story. In order to reach the cables, they were elevated by a scissor jack lift. One of the workers apparently cut through a cable to which the power had not been locked out. The other worker received a jolt of 13,000 volts of electricity and was severely injured.

Reports say the injuries to the worker who cut the cable were not life-threatening. A third worker was taken to hospital for observation only. Police say a small fire and some smoke was caused by the arc of the electrical wire but was dealt with swiftly. Such accidents are commonly preventable if safety regulations are followed.

California workers should never be exposed to potential workplace injuries, and company owners must ensure energy sources are always locked out before work is carried out. Exposure to live electricity may lead to workplace injuries, but in many cases workers are killed by electrocution. The workers’ compensation insurance fund provides financial relief for injured workers and the families of workers who lost their lives in on-the-job accidents.

Source:, “2 workers hurt in electrical accident at King of Prussia Mall“, April 13, 2015


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