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Workers’ compensation could assist injured prison guards

| Apr 3, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

Certain types of employment are inherently more dangerous than others, and working as a prison guard certainly ranks among the more dangerous of California occupations. Guards are asked to work within a complex environment, and one that contains individuals who have already proven themselves to be a danger to society. When a workplace injury occurs at a prison or jail, the workers and their families often rely on workers’ compensation to assist with the financial aspects of the injury.

Such may be the case for three guards who were recently injured by a prisoner attack. The incident took place when the guards were attempting to restrain a prisoner who was being held in a segregation cell of Pontiac Correctional Center. That facility is used to house inmates at the maximum security level.

The prisoner who assaulted the guards has a history of violent acts while incarcerated. He was previously convicted of aggravated battery and murder for attacks while in prison. In this incident, he appears to have concealed a homemade weapon in his segregation cell. When guards entered the cell to search for that weapon, the inmate crawled under his bed and refused to cooperate. During the resulting restraint efforts, the inmate was able to injure three guards with the weapon.

While the nature of the injuries are classified as non-life threatening, there are still serious physical repercussions that can result from such an attack. If any of the guards suffered injuries that would prevent them from resuming their duties at the prison, workers’ compensation could help them to meet their financial obligations while they recover. When a worker is injured on the job in California or elsewhere, the process of recovery often includes a period of physical rehabilitation, and/or a period of rest to allow the injury to heal properly. While the full details in this case are not yet known, the injured guards may be relieved to know that there is relief available should it become necessary.

Source:, “Three guards injured at Pontiac prison“, Kurt Erickson, March 23, 2015


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