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Man seriously injured while working at construction zone

| Jul 22, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Drivers are required to slow down and continue with caution when driving through a construction zone. However, there are times when drivers in California fail to obey the law and end up causing an accident. This appears to be what had happened during a recent incident which resulted in one worker being injured while working in a construction zone.

The workplace accident happened at a construction zone along the highway in another state. Apparently, a motorist attempting to maneuver through the construction zone ended up hitting one worker. The worker was quickly transported to a nearby medical facility in order to receive treatment for injuries. The victim had been driving a truck which he was using to deliver beams to a nearby overpass.

Apparently the driver of the car lost control of his vehicle and ended up crashing into the man. The police believe that speed was a factor in causing the crash. The construction worker suffered serious injuries to his legs, according to reports released to the public. The driver of the car was also injured, and he and the worker were both hospitalized.

Although the construction worker is expected to survive his injuries, he will undoubtedly face a challenging time after he is released from the hospital. Not only will he be facing significant medical bills, he will also have to take time off from work to heal and recover properly. This type of situation can become a serious financial burden for anybody injured while working in California. However, workers who are injured while working are typically entitled to obtain financial assistance through workers’ compensation.

Source:, “Worker injured in Carmel construction zone accident“, July 17, 2015


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