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Repetitive stress injuries are a valid type of work injury

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2015 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Sometimes, a person’s job requires an activity that can take a physical toll after months or years of the same action. This type of work injury develops over time, ultimately leaving a victim in pain and perhaps unable to do his or her job. Although these types of injuries are not the direct result of an accident, it is possible that those who suffer from repetitive stress injuries could be eligible for financial compensation. 

Repetitive stress injuries can have a serious impact on the physical and emotional health of an individual, yet many California workers suffering from this problem do not reach out for help. These are real injuries and should be taken seriously by the employer, health care provider and workers’ compensation system. Those who do attempt to file a workers’ compensation claim may find that employers attempt to limit ot deny the claim. 

When an employer is reluctant to cooperate or a compensation claim for repetitive stress injuries is denied, there are certain legal options still available. Those suffering from a stress or strain injury will find great benefit from seeking the assistance of a lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation claims. Knowledgeable legal counsel can help confront a frustrating system and seek the financial recompense needed for a full physical recovery. 

Any California worker can suffer from a work injury caused by repetitive stress. From office workers to construction employees, we will fight for the financial support needed for a full and fair recovery. Workers have rights that should be protected, including the right to seek benefits after any type of work-related injury.


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