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Workplace injuries may be caused by too much standing

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

California workers who spend a significant amount of time standing at work may be at a higher risk for injury. In addition to the damage that excessive standing can inflict on the back and legs, it can also lead to other health issues. More than half of all workers are required to stand for at least a portion of their day at work, which may place them at a higher risk for workplace injuries

Workers who have to stand for a large portion of their workday commonly complain of cramps, back pain and leg cramps. Over time, injuries caused by strain can lead to more serious issues, including joint problems. These injuries can impact productivity and impact an individual’s ability to complete his or her required tasks. 

Experts agree that these injuries do not receive much attention, yet can be quite costly for employers and companies. Pain and joint or muscle fatigue are normal responses to strenuous tasks, but when these persist over a period of time, a worker may require time off work and medical treatment. California workers should not dismiss these injuries, but rather explore the possibility for workers’ compensation to cover the cost of needed treatment. 

Seeking applicable benefits for workplace injuries can be a complex process. The workers’ compensation system is often changing, and it can be difficult to get answers regarding a claim. However, workers will find that an experienced lawyer can be a valuable asset in securing the benefits needed to cover financial losses. If a claim is denied, the attorney can appeal the decision on the worker’s behalf. 

Source:, “Prolonged standing at work can cause health problems too“, July 15, 2015


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