Construction worker fatally injured on the job after 40-foot fall

| Sep 16, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Fall accidents form a significant part of construction site fatalities that are reported nationwide, including in California. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations pertaining to fall hazards, and employers must comply with it. Sadly, many workers are injured on the job because some construction company owners have little or no regard for the safety of workers, and safety violations often lead to workers’ deaths.

A family in another state recently received that dreaded call to inform them of a loved one’s death on a construction site. The death of the 24-year-old worker reportedly followed a 40-foot fall at a construction site. The man apparently suffered traumatic injuries that caused his death a short while later. He was reportedly working at an elevated level on the steel frame structure of the building that is being constructed.

No mention was made of whether the victim had worn a safety harness or whether he was tethered to the structure. An investigation by the inspectors of OSHA will determine whether this fatality was caused by any violations of safety hazards. Failure to provide safety equipment to workers at heights is not uncommon, resulting in many avoidable deaths.

A California family who has to cope with the loss of a loved one who was injured on the job may find comfort in knowing that financial relief is available. The workers’ compensation insurance fund offers death benefits to covered dependents of workers who suffered fatal injuries. These benefits typically cover the expenses of a funeral and burial, and financial assistance is also available in the form of a financial package that is based on the deceased employee’s wage level.

Source:, “Pawtucket man killed on the job at Taunton construction site“, Charles Winokoor, Sept. 4, 2015


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