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On-the-job injury leads to the death of San Francisco worker

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Two California men are facing steep legal repercussions after a deadly workplace accident led to the discovery of safety code violations and other issues. The owner of a construction company and a foremen both plead not guilty to charges of manslaughter and code violations after a worker fell from scaffolding and died. It is believed that the on-the-job injury was the result of negligence on part of the business owner and foremen. 

A construction worker died after falling almost 20 feet to the ground from an illegal scaffolding. He died several days later from injuries sustained in the fall. It is reported that the man was using an illegal scaffolding to reach a window that was not easily accessible to workers. He was not using any type of protective equipment because it was not provided to the workers by the company or the site foremen.

A California judge stated that the company owner and job supervisor were responsible for providing the safety equipment needed by workers who would be on scaffolding. It is also very important to properly train workers to enact safety practices while performing dangerous construction jobs. The criminal charges were filed after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration handed their investigation over to the local authorities.

When a worker dies as a result of an on-the-job injury, it can leave families facing a significant financial burden. Workers’ compensation benefits are granted to those left behind to cover medical expenses and funeral costs. No matter what the circumstances of the accident may be, a family always has the right to seek legal assistance in order to better understand available legal options.

Source:, “Company owner, foreman charged in worker’s death“, Sept. 25, 2015


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