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What type of workplace injuries are covered by workers’ comp?

| Jan 12, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

A work accident can have a impact on an individual long into the future. From medical bills to an inability to return to the same job, workplace injuries can change the course of a California worker’s life. These injuries should be taken seriously, and any victim should take necessary steps to ensure that he or she understands the workers’ compensation process and other legal issues.

Some readers may assume that workplace accidents are only grounds for a workers’ compensation claim when they result in serious injury or death. In reality, many injuries are covered. Head injuries and back injuries, even when deemed to be minor, can be expensive and challenging. Medical bills can quickly add up, and injured workers and their families could find themselves facing an insurmountable financial challenge. 

Occupational diseases and repetitive stress injuries are are also grounds for receipt of workers’ compensation benefits. If a worker becomes ill due to the conditions of his or her job requirements or work environment, he or she may have a legitimate claim. When pre-existing conditions are exacerbated due to a job, or a person develops a repetitive stress injury from work, that individual deserves a full and fair recovery. 

With a lawyer’s help, those suffering from workplace injuries will make better decisions regarding legal options. A lawyer can also help you and your family navigate the claims process by properly completing necessary paperwork and appealing any denied claim. Find out how our California team can help you by scheduling a complete case evaluation. You can also visit our website for additional information.


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