Worker suffers on-the-job injury after 11-story fall

| Feb 18, 2016 | Workplace Accidents

A California worker has recently spoken about his life after he amazingly survived an 11-story fall. The man was employed as a window washer in San Francisco when he fell after losing his balance, landing on a moving car. His recovery from the on-the-job injury is quite remarkable, but immediately after the fall, he was unconscious and suffered brain trauma and multiple broken bones.

The man now carries the life-long repercussions of this serious work-related accident. He can no longer lift his right arm straight up after severing a major artery in the accident. He also lost all feeling in his arm. Although the window washer was quite experienced, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) did a complete investigation into the accident.

Recovery will be lengthy, perhaps lasting for the rest of his life, but the man is in therapy to relearn how to do basic tasks. The company for which the man worked was cited for several safety violations, including failure to provide fall protection equipment. According to the report, the man’s medical bills have been paid for by workers’ compensation benefits. 

Workers’ compensation is intended for the support and assistance of those who have suffered from an on-the-job injury. As this California’s man’s situation illustrates, a work accident can leave a victim with substantial medical bills than cannot be managed alone. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get the benefits that a person deserves, but a lawyer can assist with the claims process or appeal a denied or delayed claim.

Source:, “Window washer who fell 11 stories talks about his life now“, Lyanne Melendez, Feb. 11, 2016


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