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Are Kylie Jenner’s factory workers at risk of workplace injuries?

| Apr 9, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

Kylie Jenner, the reality television star and makeup entrepreneur, has recently established a factory in California to produce her widely popular lip makeup kits. The star was lauded upon the opening of the factory for providing much needed jobs to workers, but recent reports indicate that the conditions may not be safe. In fact, people employed in the facility may be at increased risk of workplace injuries.

In addition to the complaints regarding lack of benefits, some workers have noted that the production process makes them cough. Some have claimed that they became ill in the “sweatshop-like” factory, and that the low pay does not reflect the long hours and early morning shifts that they are required to work. One former employee even noted that the dominant personalities of other workers made the workplace uncomfortable.

When workers are required to work long hours and exposed to irritating or even dangerous fumes or particles, it places employees at an unnecessary risk for injury.  California workers retain the right to report dangerous or hazardous conditions in their place of employment. It is illegal for employers or supervisors to retaliate against these employees for this action.

When producing a high-demand product, employers have the responsibility to protect the human element in the process. Protecting worker safety is of paramount concern, and any safety issues or hazards must be addressed properly, including any need for additional training or distributing proper safety equipment. When a person does suffer workplace injuries, he or she has the right to seek monetary relief by filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. 

Source:, “Kylie Jenner’s Factory Working Conditions Reminiscent of a ‘Sweat Shop’“, Ali Szubiak, April1, 2016


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