Construction workers face increased risk of on-the-job injury

| Apr 1, 2016 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Construction sites are workplaces that are fraught with risk of injury and even death. Those who are employed in this industry know that they must be particularly vigilant against the risk of on-the-job injury and death. When a California construction worker is injured, he or she has the right to know how to seek rightful benefits through workers’ compensation.

Some of the most common hazards found on construction sites include electrocution, falls, defective equipment and more. Scaffolding can collapse and exposure to toxic chemicals can negatively impact the health of construction workers. Site managers and construction companies have an obligation to protect the safety of their workers, but accidents can and still do occur.

Workers’ compensation benefits are designated for the medical treatment and recovery of those who have been injured at work. After an on-site accident, a worker may file a claim to obtain the financial support needed. Every California worker has the right to medical treatment and other needs that may follow a work accident, including rehabilitation, restitution of lost wages and even vocational retraining, when necessary.

Obtaining rightful benefits can be a difficult task, and employers may sometimes deny or seek to delay a valid claim. In some cases, a claim could be summarily rejected, necessitating an appeal. From completion of the initial claim to any appeals, we help those who have suffered and on-the-job injury understand their rights and options. Find out how we can help you by seeking a complete case evaluation as soon as possible after an accident. 


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