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Do you understand workers’ compensation benefits?

| Jun 21, 2016 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

In California, workers are afforded certain rights should they suffer an on-the-job injury or become ill due to work conditions. Despite the fact that most workers could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, many people do not understand how the system works or how they should go about filing a claim. Fortunately, we know how hard it can be to get the benefits you deserve, and we are dedicated to helping injured workers.

Workers’ compensation is intended to help care for some of the financial needs that can arise after a work accident. Medical care can be a major expense, and a worker has the right to any treatment needed to fully recover from his or her injury or illness. Additionally, workers’ compensation could cover a certain amount of wages that have been lost due to time missed from work and recovery.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim should be done as soon as possible after a work accident. It is unfortunate, but some employers make it difficult to initiate the claims process. Workers may find it beneficial to work with an experienced lawyer from the very beginning of the process in order to ensure that the initial claim is filed promptly and completed correctly. 

California workers who have filed for workers’ compensation benefits only to have their claims denied may feel frustrated and overwhelmed by their situations. In this case, an appeal is appropriate, but claimants should note that they have a much higher chance of success when they work with an experienced lawyer. Contact our experienced team to learn about your options and get the support you need. 


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