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Falling down on safety could lead to increased chance of falls

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Firm News |

There are various risks associated with working on a construction site. While the men and women who work in this field know that they face certain hazards every time they show up at work, that does not mean these individuals do not have the right to a reasonably safe work environment. 

If you are a California construction worker, you may know that one of the leading causes of work site injuries and accidents are falls. In fact, falls are the leading cause of death on construction projects. Employers, site managers and construction companies bear the responsibility of implementing safety measures and reducing unnecessary hazards as much as possible.

Fall safety guidelines

Because of the high chance of falls on construction sites, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed a set of guidelines that can help prevent falls. When employers implement the following steps, construction workers can enjoy safer work environments. They are as follows:

  • Planning: Before a job starts, employers should carefully plan how to do the job and the equipment needed to do it safely. Appropriate planning can greatly reduce the chance of falls and unnecessary accidents.
  • Training: All construction workers should receive the training needed to do their jobs safely and use the appropriate safety equipment. Training should also include recognition of job site hazards and how to avoid them.
  • Providing: Employers should provide whatever safety equipment is necessary to do the job well. From harnesses to strong scaffolding, safety equipment can greatly reduce the chance of an unnecessary accident.

Falls on construction sites are preventable, and the above guidelines are a practical way for employers to make jobs safer for their employees. When safety is a priority, workers miss less work due to accidents and injuries, and overall production can increase dramatically.

The rights of injured construction workers

If you suffered an injury because you fell while working on a construction site, you have the right to recovery. Through workers’ compensation benefits, you can get the medical care you need, as well as recover your losses associated with missed work and other accident expenses.

It is not always easy to get the benefits you deserve. Perhaps you believe that your fall was your fault or you do not have a valid claim, but no matter the circumstances of your accident, you always have the right to know your options. By reaching out for support and guidance as soon as possible after a work site accident, you can better understand the appropriate course of action for you.

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