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Passive systems required to avoid a construction accident

For many California construction workers, being on the job at significant heights goes with the territory. While anyone who works in construction might have to accept the risk if they want to keep their job, that does not mean that an employer can shun proper safety procedures. A fall from a height can cause a head injury, a back injury, broken bones, and other harms. It can even lead to a worker's death. A key part of an investigation into one of these accidents is whether the employer had installed the required fall protection systems. If they did not, then that fact may be critical as one pursues legal options down the road.

Cumulative PTSD is a reality in the lives of many police officers

If you are a member of the police force in California, you might experience the lack of understanding by others of the stresses of your job. While most people associate post-traumatic stress disorder with soldiers, police officers suffer a different type of PTSD. Members of the military sometimes suffer a single traumatic event that causes PTSD while police officers experience various forms of trauma throughout every shift they work over years of service.

Man cutting branches off tree dies in workplace accident

For California workers who do the jobs that few see until they are completed, danger is everywhere around them. Many of those who fall into this category are, of course, emergency responders. But others face dangers in their jobs as well. This includes people who work at great heights in construction and maintenance. A fall is a major cause of injury and death on the job. Those who are working in high risk occupations and are hurt in an accident, or have a loved one who suffered a wrongful death, should know what to do in the aftermath of the incident to attempt to recover compensation for what they have lost.

Why was your workers' compensation claim denied?

As a member of the California workforce, you might have found comfort in knowing that the workers' compensation insurance system will have your back in the unfortunate event of an on-the-job accident. However, when after the unfortunate incident, your benefits claim was rejected. Now, you are unsure of why this happened and how you will cope with mounting medical bills and other financial obligations due to your inability to return to work for a considerable time.

California workers cannot be fired for workplace injuries

California workers who are injured in workplace accidents will have a litany of concerns that must be addressed. An accident on the job can leave a person and his or her family wondering about the future and how to handle various issues. Although workers' compensation is in place to give assistance and provide protections to people who have been hurt while working, there are other laws and potential benefits that also protect workers. Understanding these other options is essential after a work accident, as they can further assist in the recovery process.

Telecommuting may become a hassle if you trip over your dog

Are you fortunate enough to have a work-from-anywhere job? Many California companies benefit from having telecommuting employees who are based all over the world while remaining connected 24/7. This culture allows employees to work from any location they choose while it provides companies with a broader scope for attracting talent. It also lowers fixed costs, and different time zones can give 24-hour productivity. However, is there any workers' compensation protection for employees?

OSHA details top construction workplace dangers

Californians who work construction will often have to do so at great heights on ladders and scaffoldings. This can lead to risk of falling. These workers will also perform their duties in trenches, and with large pieces of equipment and heavy tools. These factors can lead to a litany of different accidents. When there is an accident on the job, a victim can suffer severe injuries and death. Equipment hitting them, the collapse of a trench, and a ladder fall, just to name a few types of accidents, can cause substantial damage. Researchers are consistently examining workplace accidents to determine how and why they occur and find methods to put a stop to them. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has studied construction falls and has found them to be one of the most common causes of safety violations.

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