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January 2018 Archives

Worker suffers fatal injury when hit by tractor trailer

When a California worker is around large vehicles, heavy equipment and a busy atmosphere, there is a constant threat of being injured in a workplace accident. These incidents can happen because of recklessness on the part of another worker, negligence, faulty equipment or for many other reasons. These jobs fall into the category of high risk occupations and people who are injured in the course of employment should know they have the right to seek compensation.

Proposed law will provide workers' compensation to day workers

For some California workers, being injured on the job can leave them with medical expenses, injuries, problems getting back to work and the inability to make ends meet. These workers cannot make workers' compensation claims because they are not eligible due to the classification of their employment. This often affects low-wage people, those who are from other countries, or are doing side jobs to supplement their regular income. Injuries can affect these people more frequently as they are sometimes performing more dangerous jobs because of their status.

Did work make you sick? Learn how you can fight to get better.

California readers know there are some jobs that could come with a higher risk for injury. Whether you work in an office or you have a job that many consider inherently dangerous, you have certain rights to seek compensation in the event of a workplace accident. You could have a right to workers' compensation benefits for your injuries as well as for any occupational illness you contract as a result of your job. 

Will I need a workers' compensation independent medical review?

When a worker suffers an injury on the job in California, it is not always an easy process to get an approval for workers' compensation. If there is a dispute about the workers' compensation benefits, there will be an independent medical review. An IMR is viewed as more time and cost-efficient than going all the way to court. For people who are seeking workers' compensation, it is important to know how an IMR can be beneficial to the case.

Hazards and risks faced by hotel housekeepers

If you are a housekeeper in the California hospitality industry, some of your duties are likely intense and grueling. Hotels offer more and more amenities to their guests, resulting in increased workloads that can lead to serious workplace injuries. Safety agencies report a significant increase in occupational diseases and nonfatal injuries among hospitality employees. They say better safety training and ergonomic changes may prevent many injuries and illnesses.

Work-related accident and death statistics rise across the board

California workers should be cognizant of the injury and fatality statistics presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Certain jobs are more dangerous than others for injuries or deaths. However, even jobs that might not seem particularly dangerous can result in injuries. People who have been hurt or lost a loved one should keep track of this information to be better prepared and to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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