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February 2018 Archives

On-the-job accident electrocutes, burns worker

When there is a work accident in California, it can come in many different circumstances. Electrocution can lead to death and long-term damage. Even a work accident in which disaster was averted could have aftereffects on the worker and his or her ability to get back to the same job. If this incident happened because of a safety hazard on the part of the employer, it could also warrant benefits. A full investigation is needed and a legal professional can help with a case for compensation after workplace injuries.

Injured on the job and returning to work

California workers who are injured on the job or have an occupational disease can get workers' compensation benefits if they are eligible. A gray area that often arises, however, is when they would like to return to work and have not fully recovered. This can be an issue with workers' compensation benefits and how it is handled. If the employer can offer a job suitable to the employee's circumstances, then the person can return to work. The time at which the injury occurred is important.

After denied claims over workplace injury, legal help is crucial

When a Californian has suffered a workplace injury, gotten ill from the job or is suffering a condition due to the work they do, workers' compensation can help them while they are unable to work and are getting treatment. This is an integral part of covering medical expenses, lost wages and other problems stemming from the injury or malady. However, a nightmare scenario for many people is if their claim is denied. Fortunately, there are steps that the worker can take to try and get workers' compensation benefits even after a denial.

Did you develop carpal tunnel syndrome because of your job?

When California employees experience an injury in the workplace or become ill due to their work, they have the right to seek benefits through their employer's workers' compensation insurance. However, some people may assume that these benefits are only reserved for injuries that are the result of work accidents, but that is not always the case.

New rules to protect hospitality workers from workplace injuries

In California, there are some jobs that are known to place workers in danger of accidents. Construction and first responders are two that are commonly known. Others carry with them more risk than is generally known to the public at large but can result in an accident on the job. These jobs are essential and the workers are largely unseen. One job that will implement new safety strategies for its workers is hotel housekeepers. These measures are intended to improve safety for these workers.

Stress and fatigue -- deadly forces in a police officer's life

If you are a member of the police force in California, you may suffer the consequences of a lack of sleep and an overload of stress. It is the kind of job that takes everything you have to offer and then asks for more. You may spend months of doing shift work, or confuse your body by rotating day and night shifts, all to the detriment of your overall health.

Construction accident statistics show the work remains risky

Workers in California and across the nation who are in jobs with an inherent amount of danger will understand the risks they face. This is especially poignant for people who work in the construction industry. Given the heights at which they work, the large pieces of equipment and trust in others necessary to complete any project large or small, these workers are vulnerable to accidents. For people who have suffered an injury while working construction or families who have lost a loved one in the course of employment, a legal filing is often the only available strategy to receive compensation.

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