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March 2018 Archives

New rules in place for hotel and hospitality workplace injuries

In California, there are some jobs that are automatically known to place workers at risk. Others, however, can lead to injuries even if the job itself is relatively safe and free of inherent danger. Repetitive stress and an occupational disease can arise from the type of work a person does. Regulators will seek to take steps to ensure that these workers are safe from being injured on the job. Even if there are regulations in place, that does not mean there will not be any injuries, so understanding how to be compensated if they happen is still important. Workers should keep track of new regulations as they are implemented as it might affect them and the jobs they do.

Study shows IMR for workers' compensation results are steady

Workers in California who are injured on the job and seek workers' compensation benefits should understand the importance of an Independent Medical Review, also known as an "IMR." This was discussed in a previous post. Knowing about IMRs extends beyond when and why it will be used. Those who have suffered a workplace injury and have concerns about workers' compensation claims being denied should also be aware of the statistics for IMRs. The latest information shows that IMRs to resolve medical disputes in workers' compensation cases reduced for the first time since the process was initiated. However, the results of the IMRs were steady, with more than 91 percent of the cases upheld.

Accident on the job injures man working on bullet-train

California will always have its share of major construction projects in the works. Many of these involve heavy equipment and complicated plans. In any job, there is danger of an accident, but this is particularly true with construction. An accident on the job can happen because of falling debris, a mistake with a large piece of machinery, a slip and fall and for many other reasons. For people who have suffered workplace injuries, the aftermath can be more problematic than the accident itself. Having legal assistance to get all the benefits the worker and his or her family needs is often imperative.

Prepare for the pitfalls of filing for workers' comp benefits

On-the-job injuries can cause anxiety, especially if you have a family that relies on your income. Medical treatment and mounting bills along with the inability to go straight back to work may cause concern. Fortunately, the workers' compensation insurance system protects California workers.

Fatal work-related accident claims life of tree trimmer

Many jobs in San Jose and throughout California require workers to place themselves in situations where one wrong move, a mistake on the part of another worker, negligence by the employer, or some other unforeseen issue can lead to a fatal work-related accident. Those who are employed in high risk occupations must be keenly aware of their rights to a safe workplace and workers' compensation benefits if they are injured. Their families should know the steps to take in filing a wrongful death lawsuit if there is an incident that leads to worker death.

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