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May 2018 Archives

Workplace accident claims life of man working in tree

There are many jobs in California in which the worker seems to recede into the background, does the work with people seeing the results without realizing the level of risk for a workplace accident or death of a worker in the course of employment. This will change when there is a workplace accident and it ends with a fatality. The loved ones of the person who died will want to know how and why the accident happened. They will also have concerns about the future when their working loved one is no longer there. A legal filing can help with the investigation and in seeking compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The biggest hazard for young workers could be inexperience

Are you one of the thousands of young workers who join the California workforce every summer? It might be a temporary summer job or the start of your career. Unfortunately, the injury rate among young workers is significant, mainly because of inexperience and inadequate training. Employers must provide the necessary training and make sure you know your rights to a safe workplace environment.

Research considers how age can affect workplace accidents

When there are workplace accidents in California, many people can be affected. That includes the individual who was hurt or suffered a condition, as well as their family members. All should be aware of various trends that could be influential in the incident and its causes. For example, age-related variables might be important when there is an investigation as to how the accident happened and other circumstances surrounding it. For example, recent statistical analysis indicates that the age of the U.S. workforce has been rising in the past 20 years and its effect on workplace safety has been both positive and negative.

Court decision could mean workers' compensation for contractors

In the past, there has been a relatively clear classification of employees in California and employers have used that to their advantage when using independent contractors. While a prior post here examined how important worker classification is when a person is injured on the job and is seeking workers' compensation benefits, the laws in the state regarding that classification might be changing. This is important for those who are part of the so-called "gig" economy and who suffer injury or illness from their work and are concerned about the possibility of getting workers' compensation benefits.

Fatal work-related accident crushes and kills vineyard employee

Northern California is known for its wineries and vineyards. With that comes the need for workers to do the difficult jobs that are unique to the industry. Oftentimes, this involves heavy equipment and physical labor. Given the dangers of the job, it is inevitable that accidents will happen. As with all high risk occupations, there is a chance that there will be worker death after an accident. These can have significant personal and financial implications for the worker's family and a wrongful death lawsuit is often needed to recover compensation to move forward.

High risk occupations in California and how dangerous they are

Many workers in California have jobs that others perceive to be dangerous. Independent of how skilled the worker is and the amount of caution he or she takes, these types of jobs place them at risk simply by their duties. When there is a work accident with injuries, it is important for workers and their families to understand the process to receive workers' compensation benefits. If there is a worker death, it becomes even more vital. Knowing the kinds of jobs that are at the top of the list for being high risk is also wise because people can be better prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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