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Legal help with workers’ compensation for cops and firefighters

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2018 | High Risk Occupations |

Californians undoubtedly appreciate the work that is done by first responders. However, their contribution to the safety and security of others often recedes into the background and they are easily forgotten. Making this worse is when these individuals are injured on the job and they are seeking workers’ compensation benefits. For those working in these difficult jobs, it is important to remember what steps to take after a workplace injury has happened.

For police officers and firefighters, there are inherent dangers. Cops place themselves in harm’s way to serve and protect others. They can face violence, gunshots, weapons and stress-related disorders. Firefighters enter burning buildings, rescue people who have been in car crashes, rush from one location to the other and weather the variety of risks that go along with their career path. They, too, can be emotionally scarred from what they deal with every day. This can cause them physical and mental issues that need treatment. When they are unable to work because of them, workers’ compensation is a must, but it can sometimes be difficult to get an approval. That is when it is wise to have legal help.

When a cop or firefighter is killed in the line of duty- something that happens all too frequently – the family will receive sympathy for the sacrifice of their loved ones. They will be treated with honor. That does not always extend to the benefits that people should receive after the fatality and a wrongful death legal filing may be necessary. That, too, requires legal assistance.

Regardless of whether there are physical injuries, emotional injuries or a combination, workers’ compensation is something that law enforcement and firefighters are entitled to. When there is a death, the family can seek death benefits. When there is a problem getting the benefits or a denial on the part of the employer to provide those benefits, a law firm that has experience in assisting those in high risk occupations can be a crucial ally in the fight. Calling for legal help should be the first step to getting the coverage that these first responders have earned.


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