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April 2019 Archives

Workers' compensation and average earnings for people under 18

When a Californian is injured on the job and is set to receive workers' compensation benefits, there will frequently be questions about how much will be paid and the methods used to calculate how much the person will receive. Since being a work accident victim will not only mean medical treatment for the injuries or conditions that result from it but also mean concerns about income, this is a critical issue. Understanding how the state determines the average annual wages with workers' compensation is important for every injured worker and his or her family.

Construction accident results in injury and worker death

There is always a great deal of construction work throughout California. This is beneficial for the economy and provides people with jobs. However, the danger of construction work is inherent. People are around heavy machinery, work at great heights and are placing their trust in others following safety protocol. Accidents happen and there can be injuries and fatalities because of them. When people have been hurt on a construction job, workers' compensation can be imperative to make ends meet and to get medical treatment. When there is a fatality, the family will want to seek the maximum in survivor benefits. In either case, legal help is beneficial.

Do you know the hazards of your job as a ranch worker?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says about 100 workplace injuries happen on farms and ranches nationwide each day, including California, and some of them are fatal. If you are an agricultural worker, you might be smart to not rely on your employer to protect your health and safety. Although the California Division of Safety and Health prescribes strict standards with which employers must comply, employee safety is often not the primary focus.

Music festival accident leads to worker death in California

In California, there are many public events taking place. With the good weather in the state, it is common for these events to be outdoors. This requires logistical planning to prepare spaces for them. If it is a music festival, there is a significant amount of construction necessary. Unfortunately, accidents can happen and lead to injuries and worker death. For people who have lost a loved one in a fatal workplace accident, it can be helpful to have legal advice to determine the next step and if a wrongful death lawsuit is required to secure sufficient compensation.

What is compromise and release in workers' compensation?

There is often a perception that California workers' compensation cases are naturally adversarial, but that is not necessarily the case. For many, there are no issues in dispute and workers' compensation benefits are provided without rancor. In some, there could be a moderate disagreement on such issues as the length of time the worker is expected to be off the job, but these matters can be settled. With cases where there is room for negotiation and both sides are willing, there is the law of compromise and release. Even if the parties are willing and able to agree, it is still important that the worker or the family left behind, in case of a fatality, have legal advice before agreeing.

Do you share your workspace with industrial robotics?

Workers in auto manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities in Santa Clara County are entitled to work in environments that are free of known safety hazards. Employers are also obliged to inform employees of the safety hazards their jobs pose and provide safety training on prevention of occupational injuries. Facilities in which humans share their workspaces with industrial robotics, unique risks exist, and specific safety standards to deal with robotics are still evolving.

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