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May 2019 Archives

Study shows new risk for emergency responder workplace injuries

In California and across the U.S., first responders' jobs are difficult and dangerous enough without thinking about the possibility of common, everyday dangers adding to the risk. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening with distracted drivers. As a new study shows, the combination of law enforcement, emergency medical technicians and firefighters working at a scene and a driver passing by while distracted is a growing concern for workplace injuries and death of workers. Workers compensation benefits could be necessary for those who have been hurt in an accident under these circumstances. Understanding the steps to file frequently requires legal advice.

Key points about workers' compensation medical examiners

California workers who are injured on the job or suffer a related condition or illness that prevents them from working will understandably want to receive workers' compensation benefits. Workers' compensation is important as it not only allows a worker to receive partial payment of their wages, but it can help them with medical treatment. For those who are facing the uncertainty of a work-related injury, these issues will be worrisome. Not all cases go smoothly with the insurer and the worker agreeing on the extent of the injuries. In some cases, the claim can be denied.

Injured truckers' classification key for workers' compensation

When a California worker is injured on the job, the classification as to whether he or she is an employee or a contractor can lead to confusion when seeking workers' compensation benefits. For all workers, this can be problematic, but it is especially true for truckers. Industry insiders state that this issue is a growing concern for companies and drivers. When truckers are injured, the lost time on the job and medical expenses can cause them financial strife. To ensure they get the workers' compensation benefits they are entitled to, a law firm experienced in these issues can help.

Elevator workers suffer workplace injuries after fire

In San Jose and across California, building maintenance is an integral part of living in a municipality. To keep the residents and anyone else who enters a structure safe, there are certain jobs that must be done. One risky type of employment involves maintaining and repairing elevators. Since elevators can be dangerous in a myriad of ways, even the workers who are fixing issues with them will inevitably be put at risk. One of the biggest dangers in an accident on the job is if there is a fire. With the injuries that can accompany a fire and an elevator-related injury, having legal assistance to get the maximum in benefits is essential.

First responders seek workers' compensation for PTSD

When a California worker seeks workers' compensation benefits, there is often a misplaced belief that it can only be granted when there is a physical injury or an occupational disease. However, workers can get workers' compensation benefits for psychiatric issues too. Currently, the worker can only be approved for workers' compensation if the disorder results in disability or the person needs medical treatment for it. It is also necessary to prove that the experience on the job that sparked it were a substantial cause. By substantial cause, they mean 35 to 40%. With the continual struggles first responders are experiencing and the number of catastrophic incidents that are happening, a proposed new law is seeking to expand coverage.

Could the chronic pain in your hand be carpal tunnel syndrome?

Do you feel weakness, numbness and tingling in your hand, and do you feel the need to shake out your wrist and hand when you wake up in the morning? If you do, you might be wise to ask your doctor's opinion sooner rather than later. It might be carpal tunnel syndrome, which will require surgery if you do not treat it in the early stages.

Environmental workplace hazards can cause career-ending injuries

The General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act mandates that employers nationwide, including California, must provide safe workplaces. They must address all known risks. Employers must protect workers from suffering serious personal injury or death that environmental hazards could cause.

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