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August 2019 Archives

Work accidents can impact vision and hearing

When California residents suffer a workplace injury, there can be many different outcomes affecting them in a variety of ways. For those who suffer injuries that have a negative impact on their senses - specifically vision and hearing - it can cause drastic changes to their entire existence, personally and professionally. While serious workplace accidents are often categorized as happening in certain riskier industries, they can happen in any kind of a job.

Will your job in an auto body repair shop risk your body?

Safety risks exist in almost all occupations, and both employers and employees must take every available step to prevent workplace injuries. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health prescribes strict safety standards for all industries, one of which is auto body repair and refinishing. Compliance with safety standards might keep you out of the hospital.

Law enforcement officer hit by car suffers workplace injuries

California law enforcement officers put themselves in danger every day. It is a part of the job. They understand what they are likely to face when they take the job. Even with that, workplace injuries can come as a surprise and leave officers wondering how to make ends meet and pay medical expenses in the aftermath. Although it is generally expected that those who work in law enforcement, as firefighters or as first responders will get workers' compensation benefits when they are hurt, it is still important to ensure the claim is approved and the maximum benefits are received.

Don't let a workers' compensation denial ruin your recovery

If you suffered an on-the-job injury, you already know just how difficult recovery can be. It is hard to focus on getting better when you have so many other worries on your plate. You may have missed work or are still out of commission, which means that you lost an important source of income. Medical bills related to your injury only complicate the situation. With all of this on your mind, a workers' compensation denial can feel devastating.

Worker injured on the job when car forces him down manhole

Workers who are doing roadwork or construction on the road in California are in constant danger, even if the area is closed off. Even with precautions, workers can be injured. Falling injuries are common. With any falling accident, there can be serious injuries and even fatalities. Medical expenses, lost wages and other costs may be covered by workers' compensation benefits.

After an industrial accident, how does causation factor in?

When workers in California are in an industrial accident and suffer workplace injuries, there is a chance that their injuries are so severe that the workers are permanently disabled. In the aftermath, there are many problems they can face. The most pressing are getting treatment, how they will make ends meet financially and how to cover the medical costs. It is imperative to understand what state law says about the apportionment of permanent disability. The key to this aspect of a workers' compensation claim is the physician's report.

Construction accident leads to worker death and several injured

Construction projects are prevalent throughout California. This could be for commercial purposes, to build residential structures or to maintain and improve existing buildings and areas. The work construction employees do is dangerous, but rewarding. They are generally well-compensated and most take pride in seeing their toil come to a definable and clear result with the project completed according to specifications. Still, there are dangers with construction work. An accident can cause injuries and death. Workers who have been hurt should understand the steps to get workers' compensation. Families who have suffered the loss of a loved one should be aware of how to recover compensation for the fatality.

Scaffold accidents can have life-changing consequences

Scaffolds are some of the most dangerous workplaces, and not only construction workers risk their lives while working on these structures. Scaffold-related injuries and fatalities occur each year, despite the strict safety standards set by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health. The safety agency says compliance with regulations can prevent all scaffolding accidents.

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