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October 2019 Archives

Unsafe working environment leads to nurses' complaints

In the Bay Area and in hospitals in general, there are inherent dangers that emergency personnel and other employees will face. Sharp objects, slips and falls, people who are unaware of their surroundings and might react unpredictably to treatment, the potential for exposure to illnesses and more can cause a work accident or incident and lead to injuries and even death.

Cleanup after wildfires can be deadly

If you are a member of a cleanup crew after wildfires, you might not realize how dangerous your job is. Your employer must identify and evaluate the hazards, and address any unhealthy or unsafe conditions. Your employer must also provide instructions and safety training.

Unsafe working environment allegations plague Amazon

In California and throughout the nation, online retailers have not just become a prominent way in which people shop, but have also evolved into major employers. While there are many such companies, some are larger than others. When there is a need for speed along with volume, it can lead to rushing, pressure and dangerous situations for employees. Employers should be responsible for worker safety, but when there are other priorities, an unsafe working environment and an accident on the job can happen.

Fatal construction accident kills worker, injures a second worker

Across California, construction work is ongoing. This can be in a public and private works, repairs, maintenance and more. Regardless of the project itself, there are inherent dangers in these types of jobs. Workers will need to handle heavy tools, climb to great heights, operate and be near large vehicles and trust other workers and their employers to maintain proper safety protocol. It is unfortunate that accidents happen quite frequently, causing injuries and fatalities. For those who were hurt, workers' compensation benefits can be crucial to make ends meet and get medical care. After a fatality, knowing how to pursue compensation after a wrongful death is also vital.

Do you know what caused that constant ringing in your ears?

Just about every workplace in California exposes workers to noise, which, if excessive, can cause permanent hearing damage or even hearing loss. Many workers only realize the severity of the damage when it is too late because it happens over years of exposure. Hearing loss is irreversible but preventable.

Countertop makers could face unsafe working conditions

Workers who have specific skills in California and across the nation will be trusted to do certain jobs that are difficult and lucrative. When they are working with substances that could be dangerous, they should be aware of their rights to workers' compensation if they are injured or become ill. If, for example, they are working with minerals and substances that carry various risks, it is important to understand what recourse they have should they get sick. There could be medical costs, lost wages and other problems that impact their lives and their families' lives. Workers' compensation claims could provide for their needs.

Officers might need workers' compensation after police car crash

Working in law enforcement in California is understandably dangerous. Much of the risk stems from officers simply doing their jobs, making arrests, helping people and dealing with emergencies. Getting to an emergency can be risky in and of itself, as officers must navigate traffic and drive at certain speeds to get to their destination. Officers can even be hurt when their vehicle is hit by another car. While it might not be the most common way in which officers are hurt, auto accidents can happen and lead to injuries and even fatalities.

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