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How safe is your workplace environment?

Company owners in California must provide workplace environments that do not threaten the health and safety of employees. Every year, your employer may spend large amounts of money on workers' compensation and workplace injury-related expenses. Not only does this adversely affect the bottom line of his or her business but also the financial stability of you and any of your co-workers who suffer workplace injuries.

Avoiding chemical spills that could blast you into the hospital

Various industries in California use dangerous chemicals, and if your employer does not have established safety protocols for the storage of chemicals, you may be at risk of suffering severe consequences. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health have strict regulations, and compliance is vital for the protection of employee health and safety. Furthermore, negligence in the handling of chemicals can be detrimental to the whole community.

Underreported injuries in the petroleum industry

Construction workers get a lot of attention for the risks of injuries on the job. Many unquestioningly accept that construction and farming are two of the most dangerous professions, with injuries that are often debilitating or fatal. However, analysis of data gathered from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration shows that another industry may far surpass these two in fatalities and injuries.

Falling down on safety could lead to increased chance of falls

There are various risks associated with working on a construction site. While the men and women who work in this field know that they face certain hazards every time they show up at work, that does not mean these individuals do not have the right to a reasonably safe work environment. 

Things new employees should know about workplace injuries

Have you recently entered the workforce of California? You may feel anxious because there is so much to learn. You may not realize that the most important part of your training should cover the known and potential hazards of your job. Unfortunately, not all employers prioritize employee safety, and you might be a victim of a workplace injury sooner or later.

How to help Spanish-speaking family members after work injuries

If you are a Spanish-speaking resident of California who is also fluent in English, you may have parents or other family members in the workforce. In many cases, such family members are not fluent in the English language -- especially if they are of the older generation. Unfortunately, these are often the victims of workplace injuries because of the communication problem. Their inability to understand English can jeopardize not only their safety but also their abilities to pursue workers' compensation insurance benefits -- many of which are denied.

Can repetitive injuries leave you hurting for financial benefits?

Carrying out the same duties day after day occurs on the job for many individuals. Though this type of activity may make your days seem mundane, you may appreciate knowing what your work day consists of and what to expect. However, over time, you could develop serious injuries due to the repetitive motions necessary for your job, and these injuries could affect your daily life in a significant way.

Some hazards to police officers come from unseen dangers

As a police officer, you accept certain risks. You know that you could find yourself in a dangerous situation at any time. You do what you can to prevent injuries to yourself, your fellow officers and the citizens you swore to protect. Unfortunately, your luck could run out, and you could find yourself suffering from an injury.

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