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Construction accident statistics show the work remains risky

Workers in California and across the nation who are in jobs with an inherent amount of danger will understand the risks they face. This is especially poignant for people who work in the construction industry. Given the heights at which they work, the large pieces of equipment and trust in others necessary to complete any project large or small, these workers are vulnerable to accidents. For people who have suffered an injury while working construction or families who have lost a loved one in the course of employment, a legal filing is often the only available strategy to receive compensation.

Worker suffers fatal injury when hit by tractor trailer

When a California worker is around large vehicles, heavy equipment and a busy atmosphere, there is a constant threat of being injured in a workplace accident. These incidents can happen because of recklessness on the part of another worker, negligence, faulty equipment or for many other reasons. These jobs fall into the category of high risk occupations and people who are injured in the course of employment should know they have the right to seek compensation.

Work-related accident and death statistics rise across the board

California workers should be cognizant of the injury and fatality statistics presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Certain jobs are more dangerous than others for injuries or deaths. However, even jobs that might not seem particularly dangerous can result in injuries. People who have been hurt or lost a loved one should keep track of this information to be better prepared and to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Officer dies in accident with alleged drunk driver

California law enforcement officers and first responders know the risks they place themselves in when they head out to work each day. Not only do they run toward danger and not away from it, but the foundation of the job itself can place them at risk even if the situation does not seem particularly risky. When a person working in a high risk occupation suffers an injury, those who have been hurt and the families who have suffered the loss of a loved one must know how to move forward with a legal filing to maximize their compensation.

Toll worker dies in fatal work-related accident after truck crash

There are certain jobs in San Jose and throughout California that are inherently dangerous even if they seem mundane and boring. Jobs where workers are stationed in areas where they must endure risk to do the job and they do not regularly consider the possibility of a fatal work-related accident are still dangerous. This reality crops up from time to time as, unfortunately, these accidents do occur. People who have lost a loved one who was working at high-risk occupations must be aware of their right to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Active systems required to avoid a construction accident

In construction work, workers are frequently required to be stationed at substantial heights to complete projects according to the project's specifications. This can place the worker at risk for a fall which, in turn, can lead to injuries or death. A recent post examined passive systems. This post will focus on common active systems that should be in place for fall protection.

Work-related accident injures police officer on bicycle

Law enforcement officers in San Jose and throughout California are fully aware of the dangers they face when they head out on the job. Because they are easily identifiable and willingly place themselves in harm's way, these brave officers can be injured and even killed as they go about their duties. With this type of job and other high risk occupations, injuries and the loss of a loved one can negatively affect a family in many ways. While workers' compensation will almost assuredly be available in these instances, there could also be the foundation for a lawsuit to recover compensation in other ways. One example of such a case was recently in the news.

Passive systems required to avoid a construction accident

For many California construction workers, being on the job at significant heights goes with the territory. While anyone who works in construction might have to accept the risk if they want to keep their job, that does not mean that an employer can shun proper safety procedures. A fall from a height can cause a head injury, a back injury, broken bones, and other harms. It can even lead to a worker's death. A key part of an investigation into one of these accidents is whether the employer had installed the required fall protection systems. If they did not, then that fact may be critical as one pursues legal options down the road.

Man cutting branches off tree dies in workplace accident

For California workers who do the jobs that few see until they are completed, danger is everywhere around them. Many of those who fall into this category are, of course, emergency responders. But others face dangers in their jobs as well. This includes people who work at great heights in construction and maintenance. A fall is a major cause of injury and death on the job. Those who are working in high risk occupations and are hurt in an accident, or have a loved one who suffered a wrongful death, should know what to do in the aftermath of the incident to attempt to recover compensation for what they have lost.

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