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How does medical urgency factor in with workers' compensation?

For workers in California who suffer an injury on the job, workers' compensation benefits are a key factor in their ability to survive while they are unable to work. Understanding the workers' compensation process is beneficial to getting the necessary treatment as quickly as possible.

Report indicates rise in repetitive stress injuries in California

To many, the idea of workplace injuries in California might create the image of people who are working physical jobs or are in high-risk occupations. While those who do these types of jobs are frequently injured and need workers' compensation benefits, injuries are not limited to these career paths. People who work in a wide variety of jobs can suffer workplace injuries and need workers' compensation benefits. Understanding these jobs and the frequency with which people make claims to get benefits can be useful when pursuing workers' compensation.

Report examines repetitive stress and carpal tunnel in California

Workplace injuries and conditions in California were once considered limited to obvious issues such as broken bones, cuts, head injuries, spinal cord damage and more that were clear to the eye. However, certain jobs carry with them inherent risks that people are fundamentally unaware of until they are experiencing them. Repetitive stress conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome fall into this category. Carpal tunnel can be debilitating, especially for those who work with their hands. Keeping track of research and information related to carpal tunnel can be helpful to those who might have it and are filing workers' compensation claims because of it.

Are other benefits available along with workers' compensation?

When California workers are injured on the job, they will likely know that they can get workers' compensation benefits if they meet the requirements and are approved. Workers' compensation can provide for wage loss and medical expenses while the person gets treatment, tries to recover and seeks to get back on the job. If there are problems with the workers' compensation application or there is a need for other benefits, it is important to know what is available. Fortunately, for workers who meet the criteria, it is possible to get other forms of financial assistance.

Two road workers injured on the job by alleged drunk driver

Since California is a state where the roads are a primary way for people to get back and forth, they will require a significant amount of repair and maintenance. Infrastructure is critical for a municipality to function efficiently, and workers are needed to do the jobs to keep the roads safe and passable. While drivers might lament roadwork and the time it takes to get past it, most will understand the need to operate their vehicles slowly and safely when passing a road crew.

Rig operator injured on the job after vehicle overturns

Construction projects are seemingly a constant sight in San Jose and throughout California. While these endeavors are a boost to businesses and individuals, there is an underlying danger with them that cannot be ignored. Workers are constantly at risk for being injured on the job. The heavy equipment, working at great heights and other factors can lead to accidents with injuries and death. Fortunately, there are workers' compensation benefits available to injured workers and other compensation alternatives for families left behind after a fatality. Knowing the necessary steps to maximizing those benefits is key.

Can workers' compensation cover chiropractic treatments?

When a California worker is injured on the job, there are certain treatment options they want to have and believe will be effective. However, they may be concerned these treatments might not be covered by workers' compensation benefits. That includes getting chiropractic treatment. For those who want to be treated by a chiropractor, there are certain facts they should know.

Can I settle my permanent disability workers' compensation case?

When California workers are injured on the job, they can seek workers' compensation benefits. There are different levels of being disabled and the Division of Workers' Compensation will classify a worker as temporarily disabled or permanently disabled. This disability rating will impact how much the worker receives in benefits and its duration. In some cases, after the disability has been rated, the claims administrator in the case might decide to try and settle it. With a settlement, the sides agree on an amount the work accident victim will get, there will be an agreement regarding medical care, and the benefits might be subject to change.

When do workers' compensation temporary disability payments stop?

California residents who are injured on the job and have injuries that are considered temporary can usually get temporary disability benefits. These are granted when the person has an injury that prevents him or her from doing the job for more than three days or there is an overnight hospitalization and if there is no work at the job the person can perform with the injuries and earn the same wages as before. With temporary disability, there is a time limit for which the person can receive them. Then the payments will end. Understanding important points about temporary disability includes knowing at what point they will stop.

Can your own doctor treat you under workers' compensation law?

When a worker in California is injured on the job and needs medical treatment as part of the workers' compensation benefits process, a question that is often asked is whether it is possible to use a personal physician for the treatment or not. This is also known as taking steps to "predesignate."

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