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Female construction workers' shapes may threaten their lives

If you are a female construction worker in a full-body harness designed for a bulky male, your life may be at risk. Across the nation, including in California, the construction workforce's face is rapidly changing. An ever-growing number of women are building construction careers. However, along with dangers, such as fatal falls, entrapment, electrocutions and more, as a woman, you might face some unique hazards in the construction industry. Unique aspects such as the body shapes and often-smaller physiques of women are but some of the challenges for employers.

Widow may seek workers' compensation death benefits

When a person is injured on the job or a family member loses his or her life in a fatal work accident, there may be grounds to seek certain types of financial support. Workers' compensation benefits are designed to protect the interests of those who are hurt on the job or the families of those who are killed. However, it can be a complex and complicated process to actually obtain those benefits. 

Do you understand workers' compensation benefits?

In California, workers are afforded certain rights should they suffer an on-the-job injury or become ill due to work conditions. Despite the fact that most workers could be eligible for workers' compensation benefits, many people do not understand how the system works or how they should go about filing a claim. Fortunately, we know how hard it can be to get the benefits you deserve, and we are dedicated to helping injured workers.

Common sources of on-the-job injury for construction workers

California construction workers are exposed to various types of risks every time they report to a job site. Although they are employed in an inherently dangerous line of work, that does not mean that they are precluded from a work environment that is as safe as possible. Proper safety equipment and training should be provided in order to prevent on-the-job injury for construction workers.

Construction workers face increased risk of on-the-job injury

Construction sites are workplaces that are fraught with risk of injury and even death. Those who are employed in this industry know that they must be particularly vigilant against the risk of on-the-job injury and death. When a California construction worker is injured, he or she has the right to know how to seek rightful benefits through workers' compensation.

We can help when construction workers are injured on the job

California readers know that construction sites are fraught with certain risks. While hazards are an inherent part of the construction industry, safety should be a primary concern for construction companies and site managers. When accidents do occur and construction workers are injured on the job, those injured workers will find it useful to have the help of a lawyer knowledgeable in workers' rights and workers' compensation law.

Preventing on-the-job injury in confined spaces

California construction workers sometimes have to be in treacherous positions, including confined spaces -- such as holes, trenches and tunnels. When it is required that workers be in these types of hazardous environments, employers and site managers should take every possible step to avoid an on-the-job injury. Requirements from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration dictate that employers carefully evaluate the space before workers enter.

Construction workers face risk of on-the-job injury

Two California construction companies have been fined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for unsafe conditions on a job site. The companies are under scrutiny for exposing their workers to the risk of cave-ins on a certain project that is underway in the Bay Area. Work on the site was halted until the dangerous risk of on-the-job injury was addressed and corrected.

Why you need a lawyer after suffering an on-the-job injury

Employers and construction site managers have the important responsibility to promote the safety and well-being of every worker. Working in the construction industry comes with certain hazards, but each employee should be given proper training and the gear or tools necessary to do his or her job safely. When an on-the-job injury does happen, a California worker should be completely informed of his or her rights regarding compensation and medical care.

Worker fatally injured on the job, struck by excavator bucket

Construction workers in California have the right to safe workplace environments. This puts an enormous responsibility on the shoulders of construction company owners because of the diverse activities that take place on construction sites. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration provide safety regulations for every aspect of construction, and compliance may protect workers from being killed or injured on the job.

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