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Posts tagged "OSHA"

Company cited by Cal/OSHA for on-the-job injury

A California window washing company has been cited by Cal/OSHA after a serious work-related fall left one employee and one bystander seriously injured. The employer was reprimanded for five particular hazards. These included a failure to prevent on-the-job injury by properly training employees to use personal safety equipment and failure to secure the work site. 

SeaWorld may not be doing enough to prevent workplace injuries

SeaWorld in San Diego has been cited by California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health at the Department of Industrial Relations for allowing unsafe conditions for employees. The citations are based on allegations that the company did not provide the proper training needed for employees to safely work with whales. SeaWorld has stated that it will appeal the citations and that no workplace injuries or accidents have actually occurred.

Man injured on the job dies from injuries in Glen Ellen

An industrial worker died in a tragic accident that occurred as he was working on a job site in Glen Ellen. The man was employed by a pool company and was working at a private residence when he was injured on the job. According to the report, the man was crushed as a large piece of heavy equipment rolled over him. Further details about how the incident actually occurred are not available.

Workplace accidents: Worker killed while replacing guardrails

Construction workers who work along busy California roads are constantly exposed to an array of safety hazards. In many cases of workplace accidents in construction zones, workers are injured or even killed by motorists, but it is not uncommon for construction vehicles on site to cause injuries or deaths to other workers. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating a fatal accident in a construction zone in another state.

Preventing workplace injuries by protecting workers from heat

As the seasons change and it begins to get hotter in California, Cal/OSHA has released new regulations regarding protecting workers from the heat. Heat-related illnesses can cause serious physical effects, even resulting in hospitalization or death. These stricter regulations reflect the importance of protecting workers from heat-related workplace injuries

Cal/OSHA not doing enough to prevent workplace accidents

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal/OSHA, is the organization responsible for protecting workers by holding employers to certain safety standards. Reportedly, it has fallen short on many responsibilities to the state's workers. The agency is tasked with monitoring businesses, preventing hazardous conditions and training employers to prevent workplace accidents. However, a recent report suggests that this agency must increase staff and the number of inspections that it performs. 

For those injured on the job, help may be hard to find

California workers who have been injured at work may find that it is difficult to secure compensation and assistance. Every worker has the right to seek a complete physical and financial recovery after a work accident, but changes within the workers' compensation system have made that more difficult. Those injured on the job will find it particularly beneficial to secure legal assistance after an accident. 

High voltage line accident leads to on-the-job injury and deaths

High voltage lines pose a significant risk for on-the-job injury to industrial and construction workers, even with highly trained individuals. Recent accidents in California involving electrical hazards have resulted in a full investigation by Cal/OSHA and, ultimately, citations and fines for two companies. Cal/OSHA typically investigates accidents that result in on-the-job injury or fatalities. 

Television sets have new rules to prevent on-the-job injury

Since California is the heart of the film and television industry, new laws proposed for reporting on-the-job injury will have a definitive impact. New standards have been set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in order to improve the way that work accidents are reported after they occur on set. In the past, an on-the-job injury was not always reported as it should have been. 

Facility fined after continued accidents and workplace injuries

Industrial hazards combined with a lack of safety standards can have devastating consequences for employees -- consequences that can include workplace injuries. Recently in California, an explosion in a fuel distribution facility resulted in the death of one worker and injuries incurred by another. Cal/OSHA fined the facility almost $100,000 for the incidents that ultimately resulted in serious workplace injuries. 

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