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Pro football Hall of Famer seeks workers' compensation benefits

The dangers of playing football have been debated for many years in California and across the nation. Along with the lawsuits former players have filed seeking benefits and coverage for medical expenses from the National Football League (NFL), workers' compensation claims are growing more common. The physical nature of the game of pro-football is well-known. What is being debated is whether players are warranted in seeking workers' compensation and the extent to which they should be covered. Like any other workers' compensation case, having legal advice can be key to receiving benefits.

Audit shows delay in workers' compensation medical reviews

Workers' compensation in California is a vital aspect of injured employees receiving medical care and wages for the time they are unable to work. The key part of these benefits, however, is getting approved as quickly as possible. One aspect of this is when there is a disagreement with the employer as to whether the injury is work-related and how long the person should be out. This is when there will be a medical review. A problem that has recently surfaced with these reviews is that workers are waiting an inordinate amount of time to get a decision. Clerical problems can be a troublesome part of the workers' compensation claims process.

Man falls and is seriously hurt in construction site accident

It is generally known that construction work in California and throughout the nation can be dangerous for workers. One of the biggest risks these workers face is falling from a significant height, but there are numerous dangerous situations in construction jobs. For people who have been hurt and are facing the prospect of missing extended time on the job due to injuries and will have medical bills, workers' compensation benefits can be a lifeline.

High rate of California workers get medical workers' compensation

Being injured on the job in California can not only cause physical issues, but it can be an emotional and financial rollercoaster. Medical expenses and lost wages is something workers' compensation benefits is expected to cover. However, being approved for the benefits can be a trying experience. If the process has sticking points with the Division of Workers' Compensation, or the employer or insurer seeks to deny the claim, it is important to understand legal options.

Countertop makers could face unsafe working conditions

Workers who have specific skills in California and across the nation will be trusted to do certain jobs that are difficult and lucrative. When they are working with substances that could be dangerous, they should be aware of their rights to workers' compensation if they are injured or become ill. If, for example, they are working with minerals and substances that carry various risks, it is important to understand what recourse they have should they get sick. There could be medical costs, lost wages and other problems that impact their lives and their families' lives. Workers' compensation claims could provide for their needs.

Newly passed bill could get workers' compensation for gig workers

In California, there has been an ongoing debate as to how independent contractors - also called "gig" workers - should be treated when it comes to workplace benefits, such as the right to be paid a minimum wage, overtime and workers' compensation benefits. Since gig work has become so prominent, many workers are unprotected if they are injured on the job or face other workplace issues. As the dispute approaches its conclusion, those who are in this category should be cognizant of their current rights and what their rights could be in the future.

What is the law for medical exams with workers' compensation?

Injured workers in California have a lot to think about. That includes the injury or condition from which they suffer, the medical care they need, what will happen with their job, how they will make ends meet and much more. Workers' compensation benefits are in place to help these individuals. However, the law for workers' compensation benefits can often be confusing. The basics are frequently problematic and it is wise to understand what the law says about these issues. That includes medical examinations. Following the law is a critical factor in workers' compensation cases.

Worker injured on the job when car forces him down manhole

Workers who are doing roadwork or construction on the road in California are in constant danger, even if the area is closed off. Even with precautions, workers can be injured. Falling injuries are common. With any falling accident, there can be serious injuries and even fatalities. Medical expenses, lost wages and other costs may be covered by workers' compensation benefits.

Does workers' compensation law allow a change of physician?

For various reasons, when a California worker is injured on the job or suffers a condition because of the work they were doing, they might want to change the physician they see for treatment. Workers' compensation has certain rules and regulations that determine what a worker can do in terms of treatment and it is important to understand this before moving forward with such a change. Failure to adhere to the rules can cause a problem with receiving the maximum in workers' compensation benefits. It can even cause the loss of workers' compensation. Having legal assistance when getting the benefits and adhering to the law is important.

Potential workers' compensation change sparks ride share proposal

Worker categorization and how it affects independent contractors in California is continuously discussed in the context of workers' compensation because the situation is a fluid one. Employers who prefer having independent contractors derive multiple benefits from such an arrangement. One is that they are shielded from needing to pay for workers' compensation insurance. Recent laws that have passed in the State Assembly have raised the level of urgency for employers who are seeking alternatives to so-called "gig" employees being labeled as employees. This is a concern for these workers when they are injured on the job and they should keep track of changes as they happen.

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