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Warehouse workplace accidents a growing concern

The number of warehouse jobs is growing in California and across the nation. The catalyst is the increasing number of online retailers who have no need to retail space, but must have a warehouse to store, pack and ship their items to customers. While this has benefits to the business and provides many jobs, there are inherent dangers with warehouse work.

Unsafe working environment leads to nurses' complaints

In the Bay Area and in hospitals in general, there are inherent dangers that emergency personnel and other employees will face. Sharp objects, slips and falls, people who are unaware of their surroundings and might react unpredictably to treatment, the potential for exposure to illnesses and more can cause a work accident or incident and lead to injuries and even death.

Unsafe working environment allegations plague Amazon

In California and throughout the nation, online retailers have not just become a prominent way in which people shop, but have also evolved into major employers. While there are many such companies, some are larger than others. When there is a need for speed along with volume, it can lead to rushing, pressure and dangerous situations for employees. Employers should be responsible for worker safety, but when there are other priorities, an unsafe working environment and an accident on the job can happen.

OSHA list of biggest workplace safety issues for 2019 revealed

Workplace safety is a primary concern for workers in California regardless of the type of work they do. Injuries can happen in any kind of employment, but there are certain jobs that come with greater risk for an accident on the job. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is responsible for ensuring employers comply with the requirements to maintain a safe workplace. If the employers fail to do so, citations can be issued.

Work accidents can impact vision and hearing

When California residents suffer a workplace injury, there can be many different outcomes affecting them in a variety of ways. For those who suffer injuries that have a negative impact on their senses - specifically vision and hearing - it can cause drastic changes to their entire existence, personally and professionally. While serious workplace accidents are often categorized as happening in certain riskier industries, they can happen in any kind of a job.

After an industrial accident, how does causation factor in?

When workers in California are in an industrial accident and suffer workplace injuries, there is a chance that their injuries are so severe that the workers are permanently disabled. In the aftermath, there are many problems they can face. The most pressing are getting treatment, how they will make ends meet financially and how to cover the medical costs. It is imperative to understand what state law says about the apportionment of permanent disability. The key to this aspect of a workers' compensation claim is the physician's report.

Workplace injuries more common for temporary workers

One of the most important factors for California worker safety is proper training in safety procedures. This is true whether it is a job in which there are inherent risks or it is one in which the chance of a work accident with injuries and fatalities is relatively low. For many workers, however, injuries happen not just because of dangers in the workplace, but because workers were not adequately trained for safety. When there is a workplace accident and injuries, knowing the steps to take for a full investigation and getting workers' compensation benefits is imperative.

Most common dangers for workplace injuries listed by OSHA

For some jobs in California and throughout the U.S., there is a natural risk with the duties workers must perform. Any job can result in workers being injured, but some types of employment is riskier than others. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with ensuring workplaces maintain as safe an atmosphere as possible. When there are workplace accidents, OSHA conducts investigations into how and why they happened. Employers can be cited for lapses. OSHA recently released the most common violations of workplace safety protocol in 2018. This information is important for workers as is considering a legal filing after they have been hurt.

Elevator workers suffer workplace injuries after fire

In San Jose and across California, building maintenance is an integral part of living in a municipality. To keep the residents and anyone else who enters a structure safe, there are certain jobs that must be done. One risky type of employment involves maintaining and repairing elevators. Since elevators can be dangerous in a myriad of ways, even the workers who are fixing issues with them will inevitably be put at risk. One of the biggest dangers in an accident on the job is if there is a fire. With the injuries that can accompany a fire and an elevator-related injury, having legal assistance to get the maximum in benefits is essential.

NSC says women more prone to workplace injuries and illnesses

Workers in California and across the nation might not think about the possibility of being injured in an accident on the job when they head to work. This is true no matter what kind of job they do whether it is high risk or not. Accidents, however, can happen without warning and leave a person with broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, cuts and more. It is also possible for physical issues or conditions to arise over time. Researchers and government agencies often examine these incidents to assess how they happen and take steps to reduce their frequency. One recent statistical analysis should be a warning to female workers as to the dangers they face when working.

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