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Seasonal workers may be at a higher risk for workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2014 | Workplace Injuries |

Are seasonal workers at a higher risk for workplace injuries? During the holiday season, businesses all over California will hire extra workers in order to handle the increase in shoppers and retail activity. While this is good news for those searching for jobs, are these workers actually at a higher risk for workplace injuries? It should be said that safety in the workplace is always important, but especially so during the holiday rush. 

Temporary workers may not be given the same training as other workers, simply because of the shorter duration of employment. Holiday workers may be required to begin work immediately, perhaps leaving them without knowledge of hazards, safety standards and other job requirements. California employers should provide on-the-job training immediately, including instructing employees on how to properly use equipment. 

Fire hazards are particularly prominent during the holidays. Employers should be aware of the increased risk of fires due to holiday decor and take steps to be sure that all possible safety measures are observed. Simply providing a safe environment for employees during the holiday season can greatly reduce the risk of an accident in the workplace. 

When a seasonal worker is injured on the job, he or she may be eligible for restitution through workers’ compensation benefits. Employees should speak with employers to fully understand provided benefits during seasonal employment. When an employee endures workplace injuries of any kind, it is within his or her rights to seek full compensation for medical bills, lost wages and emotional duress. Seasonal employees have rights and do not have to suffer injuries alone. 

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