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Fatal work-related accident statistics for police rose in 2018

Californians who work in law enforcement and their families will know the dangers they face every day. The job requirements make it unavoidable that there will be risk as law enforcement must help those involved in accidents, pursue suspects, use firearms and much more. While steps are taken to mitigate the danger, it is an unfortunate reality that there will be injuries and fatalities. People who have a loved one in law enforcement should be aware of this and the statistics of law enforcement fatalities overall so they can be prepared for a possible wrongful death lawsuit.

According to the latest statistics, there were more fatalities of law enforcement officers across the nation in 2018 than 2017. In total, there were 144. There had been a reduction in 2017 with 129 dying as compared to 159 in 2016. The information was accrued by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. There were 134 male officers who died and 10 females. On average, they were 41-years-old and had 12 years on the job.

Do not let sleep deprivation threaten your life

The busy lives of many people in California along with the demands they place on themselves lead to an acceptance of being over-tired and over-worked. Are you one of the members of the workforce who think a good night's sleep is a novelty? You might not realize that insufficient sleep causes fatigue, the reason for a significant number of serious workplace accidents every year.

Your body's internal clock has a specific cycle of alertness during the daytime and tiredness at night. Your work responsibilities might deny you the required seven or eight hours sleep per night, and if you work irregular shifts, extended shifts or night shifts, you will be at a higher risk of suffering fatigue-related injuries.

Underground work accident sends plumber to hospital

Many jobs in California are critical to businesses and public works functioning properly, but are largely forgotten when thinking about the potential dangers to its workers. One such job is plumbing. To do maintenance and repair, plumbers often need to go underground and perform other risky acts to get to where the issue is. Once there, they frequently do not know what they will find. This can place them in jeopardy. After a work accident while doing plumbing work, it can hinder the person from being able to perform the tasks to do the job. That makes it necessary to have workers' compensation and other benefits. For help in maximizing the available benefits, legal help can be required.

Two plumbers were working underneath a catering area at the airport when one became trapped. The men were working on the sewer of the company that provides catering services for a vast proportion of airlines. While they were in the large and complex underground area, there were fumes from a device used to cut concrete that resulted in the men losing consciousness. One worker woke up and tried to help his still unconscious partner out of the area, but he became dizzy and went for assistance alone.

Firefighters put their lives on the line to save others

With the recent devastating wildfires in California, the lives of many firefighters were on the line. However, firefighters risk their lives in many more ways than fighting fires. If you are one of those brave people, you will also be at risk every time you rush to the aid of victims of car accidents, chemical spills, aviation accidents, coal mine collapses, riots and more.

Despite the rigorous and comprehensive training you received to teach you how to deal with fires in various circumstances, those were all controlled situations that could hardly prepare you for real-life emergencies. Many of the skills you and your co-workers will accumulate will be through experience that will teach you how to deal with the various types of hazards.

New fatal workplace accident statistics show repeat causes

Any worker, whether it is in California or anywhere across the U.S., will face certain dangers on the job. A workplace accident can happen regardless of the type of job the person does. The annual fatal accident numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sheds light on the causes of these accidents and the industries in which they are most prevalent. Interestingly, the past has been a solid predictor for the future with these fatal workplace accidents. Workers and their families should pay attention to this information.

In the report, the 2017 numbers are referenced. It is comparable to prior reports as to the number of fatal workplace accidents, the ratios of those accidents, and how the workers were killed. A positive in this consistency is that employers can take steps to make workers safer based on this information. Most workers die in vehicles, when working at great heights, being caught in machinery, and workers being electrocuted. In 2017, there was a slight reduction in fatalities to 5,147 from 5,190. Although that reduction is less than 1 percent, it is still interrupting what had been a rise since 2009.

Legal help with workers' compensation for cops and firefighters

Californians undoubtedly appreciate the work that is done by first responders. However, their contribution to the safety and security of others often recedes into the background and they are easily forgotten. Making this worse is when these individuals are injured on the job and they are seeking workers' compensation benefits. For those working in these difficult jobs, it is important to remember what steps to take after a workplace injury has happened.

For police officers and firefighters, there are inherent dangers. Cops place themselves in harm's way to serve and protect others. They can face violence, gunshots, weapons and stress-related disorders. Firefighters enter burning buildings, rescue people who have been in car crashes, rush from one location to the other and weather the variety of risks that go along with their career path. They, too, can be emotionally scarred from what they deal with every day. This can cause them physical and mental issues that need treatment. When they are unable to work because of them, workers' compensation is a must, but it can sometimes be difficult to get an approval. That is when it is wise to have legal help.

Falling debris injures four workers

Being injured on the job in California can happen at any time. People who are simply going about their duties expecting it to be a normal day can suddenly face broken bones, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, cuts, bruises and more. They will be faced with difficulty getting back to work and have significant medical expenses. When there is a workplace accident, having legal help is vital to recover the necessary compensation to make ends meet.

A workplace accident injured four workers when stones fell on them. When emergency crews came to the scene, they found a male worker with a traumatic injury. Attempts to remove the stones were made with a forklift. The workers were rushed to the hospital.

What are circadian rhythms and how do they affect your safety?

Are you employed in the firefighting, health care, law enforcement or emergency services industries? Then you are likely one of the millions of workers in California and other states whose lives are at risk because of fatigue. When you start your shift feeling tired and struggle to function at your best, you might not even realize that you do not only put yourself at risk but also those around you.

Although many workers in other jobs become fatigued, some occupations pose higher risks. There is a definite link between fatigue and workplace accidents due to limited performance capacity. The incidents include work-related automobile accidents.

Five suffer workplace injuries after underground explosion

There are some jobs in California and across the nation that are inherently dangerous. When a worker is injured on the job, they may have medical costs, lost time on the job and other financial issues to contend with. While workers' compensation benefits are available for workers, it is always a smart decision to have legal assistance to make sure the maximum amount is received.

Five workers were taken to the hospital after suffering injuries in an explosion in an electrical vault located underground. Two men were in the vault at the time of the explosion and had to be rescued. The other three men were treated for burns. It is not known why the explosion occurred and the company is investigating.

How does medical urgency factor in with workers' compensation?

For workers in California who suffer an injury on the job, workers' compensation benefits are a key factor in their ability to survive while they are unable to work. Understanding the workers' compensation process is beneficial to getting the necessary treatment as quickly as possible.

Determining whether a medical situation is urgent is a foundational issue of the process. A utilization review must be completed, and a claims administrator can approve treatment for the injured worker. If a medical case is deemed urgent, this means there will be serious health implications if treatment is not given and the applicant's ability to recover can be negatively impacted if there is a delay. In an urgent case, the decision regarding treatment cannot take more than 72 hours after the information is received by the claims administrator. The decision must then be communicated within 24 hours.

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