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These jobs have the highest rates of worker deaths in the U.S.

Californians should be aware of the types of jobs that have the highest risks of fatal work-related accidents. However, it is also important to know which jobs are the most dangerous according to the latest numbers. This information can be useful when considering a legal filing after a fatal workplace accident.

Supervisors who oversee landscapers, groundskeepers and lawn workers have just over 20 fatal accidents per 100,000 full-time workers. The highest number of these accidents occur when workers are traveling from one site to another. Supervisors in construction and extraction work have 21 fatalities per 100,000 workers. These workers are also most commonly killed in transportation accidents. Along with the high number of transportation accidents, other common causes of fatal accidents included slipping, tripping, falling and being hit by equipment and objects.

How can sitting in a climate controlled office be risky?

Are you a data entry operator? Are you aware of the work-related health risks you face? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says working on computers every day poses several health concerns to admin workers in California and elsewhere. You can avoid permanent health damage if you learn more about the hazards and how to mitigate them.

Computers are valuable tools in any business and even at home. However, improper or prolonged computer use can harm your musculoskeletal health, your eyes and more.

Fatal work-related accident statistics show increase

There are dangers in any type of job, and Californians should be cognizant of the level of risk they face, especially in high risk occupations. Certain industries have more workplace injuries and death than others, but anyone can be confronted with the injuries and deaths that can come about after a work accident. It is important for workers and their families to have a basic understanding of the statistics for injuries and fatalities.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a minor increase in workplace fatalities. The statistics were recently released and are for 2018. Although there was a rise in fatalities, the injury numbers remained level with 3.5 workers suffering an injury on the job for every 100,000 full-time equivalent employees. There were 5,250 fatalities in 2018. For 2017, there were 5,147 deaths. The most common industry for workplace fatalities was transportation with 40 percent. The number of workers who died in a fall lowered by 11 percent. In 2017, that number had reached its highest point in 26 years.

Warehouse workplace accidents a growing concern

The number of warehouse jobs is growing in California and across the nation. The catalyst is the increasing number of online retailers who have no need to retail space, but must have a warehouse to store, pack and ship their items to customers. While this has benefits to the business and provides many jobs, there are inherent dangers with warehouse work.

These jobs can be physically, mentally and emotionally demanding with workers suffering injuries due to repetitive movement and because of equipment and vehicle-related accidents. From 2015 to 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were double the number of fatal work accidents in warehouses.

Pro football Hall of Famer seeks workers' compensation benefits

The dangers of playing football have been debated for many years in California and across the nation. Along with the lawsuits former players have filed seeking benefits and coverage for medical expenses from the National Football League (NFL), workers' compensation claims are growing more common. The physical nature of the game of pro-football is well-known. What is being debated is whether players are warranted in seeking workers' compensation and the extent to which they should be covered. Like any other workers' compensation case, having legal advice can be key to receiving benefits.

A recent case involving a legendary Hall of Famer asserts that he suffered from multiple traumatic injuries stemming from his NFL career. The former tight end for the San Diego Chargers, Kellen Winslow, Sr., states that he has brain injuries and injuries to his nervous system due to cumulative trauma from his playing days. The 62-year-old Mr. Winslow filed his claim in early 2018. He says that he suffered the damage from 1979 to 1988 when he established himself as one of football's best players.

Do you perform repetitive activities? How does your body react?

California workers in various occupations perform repetitive motions day after day for hours on end. If you are one of them, you might find your body rebelling against the punishment. This is where sprains and strains come in. It is your body's way of forcing you to rest and heal.

A sprain is an injury to the connecting ligaments between bones, and a strain involves the tissues and tendons that form connections between bones and muscles. If you do not listen to your body, you might suffer significant strains and sprains that require surgery, extensive rehabilitation or both.

Audit shows delay in workers' compensation medical reviews

Workers' compensation in California is a vital aspect of injured employees receiving medical care and wages for the time they are unable to work. The key part of these benefits, however, is getting approved as quickly as possible. One aspect of this is when there is a disagreement with the employer as to whether the injury is work-related and how long the person should be out. This is when there will be a medical review. A problem that has recently surfaced with these reviews is that workers are waiting an inordinate amount of time to get a decision. Clerical problems can be a troublesome part of the workers' compensation claims process.

In the audit, the reviewer found that there are not enough doctors to conduct the reviews. There was a 37 percent increase in review requests between 2013 and 2018. Despite that, there was a reduction in doctors who were available to conduct them by 12 percent.

City employee killed in fatal work-related accident

City workers in Northern California are a vital part of keeping the area running smoothly. Oftentimes, their contributions go unnoticed as people expect the municipalities to function even if repair and maintenance is needed. These jobs can be dangerous, with workers in harm's way as they perform their duties. When there is an accident, it can lead to serious injuries. In the worst-case scenario, there can be a fatality. When a family suffers the loss of a loved one in a fatal work-related accident, it will be a difficult time. To receive compensation for their loss, families may need to consider legal options.

According to reports, a city employee who had recently been hired was killed when he was working on a project upgrading an electrical transformer. The 42-year-old man was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He worked in other locations in the energy industry before his new job. The accident happened in the morning not long before 10 a.m. Five workers were involved in the project. No one else was hurt. The man was taken to the hospital, where he died. He was married and had four children - all daughters - ages 6, 11, 14 and 17. An investigation into the accident is ongoing, with the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration leading the way. It is not yet known whether he was electrocuted or there was another cause for his injuries and death.

7 pieces of essential safety equipment for industrial workers

Thousands of workers in factories and warehouses in and around San Jose suffer preventable workplace injuries each year. However, many of them do not realize that they are entitled to safe work environments in which they have access to all the necessary safety equipment. Although the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health requires compliance with prescribed safety standards, many employers regard safety equipment as unnecessary expenses.

Do you know your rights? You have the right to insist on a safe workplace and also the provision of personal protective and other safety equipment. Workplace injuries can happen in the blink of an eye, and in many cases, injuries cause long-term health problems. Sadly, if you do not insist on safety, you might suffer injuries with lasting physical and mental health effects. It could limit your income ability and have severe financial consequences.

Man falls and is seriously hurt in construction site accident

It is generally known that construction work in California and throughout the nation can be dangerous for workers. One of the biggest risks these workers face is falling from a significant height, but there are numerous dangerous situations in construction jobs. For people who have been hurt and are facing the prospect of missing extended time on the job due to injuries and will have medical bills, workers' compensation benefits can be a lifeline.

According to reports, a construction worker suffered multiple injuries when he fell from a crane recently. He was reported to have fallen approximately 40 feet and the accident occurred on a weekend afternoon. The man was stationed on a platform atop a crane. He fell because of a pin that became dislodged. He landed on the ground and several co-workers witnessed the incident. After he fell, he was found unconscious and had broken bones. He was taken to the hospital and reported to be in critical condition.

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