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4 signs of employer retaliation after a work injury

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

California law protects employees from retaliation after filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Unfortunately, some employers still attempt to slowly push employees out the door. It helps to know the signs of possible retaliation.

1. You receive less praise for your work

One subtle retaliation tactic is to stop praising your good work. You may notice other employees receiving positive feedback for their work when you do not, or your employer may single out others and avoid praising you for a group project.

2. They assign you fewer tasks

Have you seen a downtick in assignments since your workplace injury? You may notice they started assigning tasks that were typically yours to other employees. Employers will sometimes use this tactic to phase out your position with the company.

3. Your co-workers are less friendly

Sometimes retaliation trickles down through the company. You may notice other employees changing the way they interact with you. When it feels like the entire company is against you, it can be a sign that your employer talks with other employees behind your back, creating a hostile work environment and trying to push you toward leaving.

4. They pass you over for promotions

One of the more apparent tactics includes passing on you for promotions you clearly earned. There is a natural progression in the workplace. If you have all the qualifications for promotion and were an obvious choice, it can clearly indicate retaliation.

If you believe your employer is guilty of retaliation, they are accountable for those actions.