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Pursuing Workers’ Compensation For People In High-Risk Occupations

Workers’ compensation protects workers in any profession, and even workers in seemingly low-risk professions can end up with serious injuries. Still, police officers, nurses, construction workers, firefighters are in particularly high-risk occupations — jobs in which workers’ compensation is critical for worker protection.

Despite the known risks of these careers, workers still face pushback from employers. They fear of retaliation after reporting an injury and face other obstacles to maximum recovery. Our job at The Katzakian Law P.C., in San Jose, is to simplify this process and fight for the rights of injured workers across California.

We take pride in our work because it has been known to change lives. If you were hurt at work — don’t fight this battle alone. We can help you. Call attorney Bo Katzakian today at 888-724-4138, or contact the law firm online for a free initial consultation.

Who We Help

Our workers’ compensation experience has made a difference to people with a wide range of injuries. We are especially skilled in working with individuals who were hurt in high-risk occupations, such as:

We count our greatest successes as the lives we have improved through quality workers’ compensation representation. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options for maximum recovery.