Workplace injuries can happen for many reasons, and sometimes, these incidents can go unreported. It is important for any California employee who has suffered because of workplace injuries to reach out for legal help as he or she files the proper paperwork. While the medical expenses associated with a workplace injury should be covered through workers’ compensation benefits, a legal ally can help ensure that a victim’s rights are protected throughout the process.

Some of the most common workplace injuries include head or neck injuries, back injuries, loss of a limb, broken bones, muscles strains, repetitive stress injuries and more. Construction workers and those employed in industrial fields obviously face a higher risk for injury, but any California worker has the right to file a compensation claim, no matter where he or she is employed. Additionally, every worker has the right to legal representation throughout the workers’ compensation process. 

Our legal team has vast experience in workers’ compensation law. This area of law is subject to frequent and complex changes, which is why we offer our services to clients at any point in the workers’ compensation process. We can help an injured worker file a claim, appeal a denied claim and protect employee interests. 

While medical expenses from workplace injuries should be covered by workers’ compensation benefits, we can ensure that an employee receives the treatment that he or she deserves. Our website can explain how we can help secure full financial benefits from a workers’ compensation claim. If injured at work, protect short-term and future financial interests by reaching out for help today.